Thursday, March 31, 2011

little choices

I was sitting in the middle of a room filled with 8th graders this morning listening to high school students talk about what high school will be like, the opportunities, clubs, and sports that await the incoming freshmen. Listening to them talk and looking around the room got me reminiscing about days long past. Not even the days from when I was an 8th grader or a high schooler. But the days of college. How I got there, what I did there. The friends I had, the things I did. The snow that was so foreign to me. Everything about it seems mystical, like it never really happened. Though at the time it was more real than I would have liked to admit. Anyhow, I was just thinking about life and how quickly it passes by. The choices that we are faced with on a daily basis. The choices that will make us into who we become and where we are going. And it's crazy and unreal at times to think about all of the little decisions I have made that have turned into life changing choices. I could elaborate, but I'm not going to. Not tonight, tonight I'm just thinking about all of everything and nothing particularly.

And on a completely unrelated note . . . I cannot wait for tomorrow afternoon to come. Spring Break hasn't been this welcome in a long time, since I was in school I think. I feel like there is something about school that come spring time if you don't have a break you just might die. Not really, but you get the idea. Maybe that's why it's one of the only (the only?) profession, place, time that you have a spring break. Who knows. But I am thankful, excited, and ready for it!

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Amanda said...

My spring break starts tomorrow as well! It is much needed! Hope you have a great one :)

kelseylynae said...

I don't get spring break this year. Seriously. I don't. And I think I might die.