Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Magic Gummies

I drive home from school every day. Obviously. I kind of have to if I want to leave. And I do. Not that I don't love being there, I do. But it is always nice to go home no matter where you are going home from. So I drive. It's about a 25 minute drive from school to my house. Not too shabby. And the drive is nice and calm. It's all in the country and back roads. There is no traffic. Unless of course you consider getting stuck behind a tractor going 80 below the speed limit for 13.1 miles traffic. Some might. I just call it getting stuck behind a tractor. Anyhow, like I was saying, I drive home. Lately I have been forgetting these drives though. Let me tell you...

Half of the time I get home and think to myself, "huh, I really don't remember anything about the drive home." or, "Did I really already turn at the one light I go past on the way home?" I have a feeling that not remembering anything about the ride home is not a good thing. But eh... what can ya do? I mean, how do you keep your eyes open when you are driving home in the middle of the afternoon? Sadly I found a remedy for that problem...    

Note the empty bag... yep. 

Yes, That's right. Goofy's Candy Co. from Disney. Ah-mazing. I mean, I love gummy bears, and gummy worms, and gummy bees, and pretty much Anything gummy. love love love. In fact. It's a great weakness of mine. Such a weakness that I have to avoid my delicious gummy delights at all costs. When I'm in the grocery store I have to dash right past the gummy part of the candy isle. The other day I got stuck right in front of the ever so wide selection of gummy goodnesses. I'm not really sure how I got stuck there (at least the forgetting of things doesn't only happen when I'm driving : ) but I was. I must have stood right in front of those gummy bears for an hour. At one point I vividly remember picking up a bag of the yummy gummies. One bag even made it into the cart. For a whole 23 seconds. Then I shoved the package of gummies back on the shelf and ran away. Really. I ran. I'm sure that was a sight.

... so anyway, since I am so in love with gummies I don't eat them. For two reasons:
1. The dentist told me they were bad for my teeth
2. If I eat too many I will get chubby, and I don't want to be any chubbier than I already am.
  - yes. I am shallow.

I didn't eat them until I went to Disney World that is. That means that I went a whole 20 months without munching off any gummy bear ears or toes. At every Disney store we went into the little Goofy bag was calling my name. I always looked admiringly. But never bought any. Then C~ saw me looking at them... and walking around the store with them. For an hour. When we were leaving the store he asked where my candy went. And learned that I put them back. And then he bought them for me. He knew I really wanted them but that I would never buy them. The hubs knew this was just like me and rolled his blue eyes with a laugh.

I have enjoyed my little gummies so much though. Thank you Disney World and thank you C~.

Anyway. I was saving these candies for the perfect time. As I was nodding off to sleep on the drive home one day, I discovered that the perfect time to eat the candies would be right then. And I ate the whole bag. On the drive home. Or in a week. Same thing really. And there is no Disney World in Kentucky. So I can't get any more. That's probably for the best though.

I am saving the bag to replenish my gummy supply. I'm not sure when that will be... Maybe in a day, maybe in a year.

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