Friday, March 25, 2011

Starbucks Stop

This week seemed to last forever. I don't really know why the days kept going and going and why Friday never came around. But it (Friday) is finally here. Thank the Lord! Today not only marks Friday, but it also marks the third full solo week of my student teaching experience. I only have one more full solo week to go and then some more teaching here and there, but not sole responsibility of the kiddos. Which is nice.

Today I felt particularly exhausted on the way home and kept thinking and dreaming about plopping down on my couch or bed and passing out for the next ten hours. Then I thought about how cold it was (it was freezing outside) and then that got me to thinking about how something yummy to sip on would be delightful. And since I knew I was going to be going right past a Starbucks on my way home I debated in my mind about wether or not I should stop and get myself a drink. I decided that since I have been driving right by Starbucks every day for the past three months and have never pulled over to get myself a little treat before and I was super tired and drained I would get a treat. So I did. 

Can you say White Chocolate Raspberry Mocha? 

Heaven (sing song voice). 

It was such a nice little treat and it was so nice, calming, and relaxing to sit and sip my yummy delight away. It was the perfect way to end the week. 

I know I'm dreaming, but it would be pretty amazing if I could stop by Starbucks every day on my way home from work. Oh, how I would love that. If you have the luxury and are able to frequent Starbucks, I am eternally envious of you. Just sayin'. 

Happy Friday!    

2 comment(s):

Kent said...

would love to join you for that white chocolate raspberry mocha. hope you really enjoyed it. seriously.

Amanda said...

I love starbucks!! I wish I could go more often