Friday, August 31, 2012

no school

Today has been a lovely day. I did not have to go to school. That's right, I got to stay home and do stuff, anything I wanted pretty much. A few things I have done today include: sleeping in until 7:30 (I know, that's definitely sleeping in, right? :), enjoying a yummy breakfast, reading a bunch of mindless reading materials, cleaning up the kitchen, taking a nap, talking to my sister, planning to exercise, creating dividers for my lesson plan binder, and thinking about reading and sleeping some more.

Pretty wonderful if you ask me. Now that I think of it, I should probably make sure that list includes making the bed and putting the clothes away. But hey, if it doesn't get done today then there's always tomorrow, right? :) I need to do those last two chores today. Hopefully they get done.

But I thought I would take a minute to write for a little bit. I would like to remember days like these ones.

Before I go I'll give you a little update on school. It's still going pretty well, thankfully. I feel a little more prepared this year than I did last year, which is wonderful and the kids are pretty good. I'm hoping the year just continues to get better and goes smoothly.

Anyhow. That's all I have for now. I'm feeling a little sleepy so I might take a little nap :)

I hope you all have a happy weekend!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

the weekends

I love Saturdays so much that I never get much done. I try to. My goal every Saturday is to get everything on my list checked off. That way I have Sunday to chill and relax before the craziness of the weeks starts back up. But somehow that doesn't happen. Saturdays are spent being a little lazy and Sundays are the days I spend trying to play catch up and prepare for the week ahead. It's not fun. I try with every fiber in my being to get out of bed and get busy with the day's tasks, but it doesn't happen. Then later on I try with all that I have to get off the couch and be productive (or at the very least fold the laundry), but it doesn't happen.

It's a problem. It needs to change. How do you change it I ask you? How do you change it? I feel like one of the reasons I just want to do nothing on Saturday is because all week long I have been so busy and going non-stop and I just need to breathe. But Sunday is Sunday. The day before I have to be busy so I don't want a lot to do on that day. sheesh. If only I could have my week planned out before the weekend. That would be ideal. Then all I would have to worry about is laundry and grocery shopping.

Maybe one day I'll figure out how to manage these precious weekend days of mine a little better :) I hope you are enjoying yours!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

about that...

So, I took a little bit of a break from blogging. Not necessarily on purpose. Mostly because life started again. Life as in school. Yes, school has started. I have had a room full of kiddos for a whole eight days now and am getting ready to start my second full week of the year. Here in a few days I will try and take a few pictures of my new and improved classroom and my first day of school picture. 

Yes, my second full week as a second year teacher is about to begin. I can confidently say that I started this year off with a lot more confidence than last year. Last year I was terrified that the kids would eat me, you know, cause they are all so much bigger than me. I had no idea what I was doing. I was, at most, only a day or two ahead of the kids. Not so fun. And while this year I am still only currently a day or two ahead of the kids, I think it will get better and soon I will be a whole unit ahead of them, which would be wonderful and my dream come true :) I'm working on it. As far as the confidence aspect of the year/teaching goes, I have it. I spent a lot of time this summer thinking about how I wanted my classroom to go, what I wanted the kids to do, how to make things run smoothly (or at least smoother than last year), and such. I wrote out so many nit-picky things I wanted to tell them about how to behave in the classroom that I spent the first three days of school going over the syllabus and my personal expectations of them. 

I think it was fairly effective. I wanted to start out as strict and stern as I could possibly be. It seems to be working as the kids do what they are expected to do, what they are asked to do, when they are asked to it. It is wonderful and it makes my heart so happy. If two kids are whispering while I'm talking I get on them and they blush, apologize, and do their work like they were supposed to. I want to smile and do a little jig when this happens, but of course I would loose my effectiveness if I did that. 

All in all, it has been a good start to the year. I am not stressed and don't feel as though the kids are running over me this year. Leaps and bounds better than last year. I am hoping and praying it continues on as such. 

Anyhow. That's been my life as of late. Trying to get lesson plans and be consistent in the classroom. Speaking of which I need to go write out my lesson plans for this week. I will be back, sooner than later this time. If I can remember to take my camera to school one day I'll get some of those pictures of my room (my room makes me so happy this year!!). 

I hope all of you lovelies have a lovely weekend! 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

sister visit :)

as I mentioned last week my sister was coming to visit me with her three little ones. I really don't know how the time passed so quickly while she was here (though, I don't think it was only when she was here, time is passing super fast these days). we did a few things while she was visiting... 

like visit the zoo. 
I especially liked the tiger. he looked so sweet and peaceful. 

yup. I got to enjoy the day with five of my adorable nieces and nephews
and their two pretty mamas. 

I like giraffes. 

we went to the Louisville Slugger Museum. 

and then there was the color run. 
flattering picture, I know. 

it was pretty neat. maybe even a little bit fun. 
getting splashed with color. 
I especially enjoyed the part after we were done running. 
also, I decided I don't like running. 
I like the results of it. 
but not running. no sire. 
but it was a fun little run to do with my professional runner sister :) 

oh, we also went to Mammoth Cave. but I didn't take any pictures of that because I didn't want to carry my camera around in the dark cave and and break my leg for not being able to use both hands for balance. 

and we went to the creek with puppy. the kids especially enjoyed that. but I don't have any pictures of that because I didn't want my camera to get wet and break, as I'm sure it would have. 

so, that was my week. it was sad to see them go. and the house was so quiet. but I'm glad they came to visit. I love my sisters and seeing them and their sweet little ones. 

anyhow. that's all for now.