Saturday, March 12, 2011

Welcome Saturday

Saturday Morning Scene

So, I've noticed loads of people doing this, like MrsAshCake which obviously means it's the cool thing to do. Right? Of course. And since I am oh so cool (...right...) I am going to follow suit : ) 

While not necessarily exciting, this is what I am doing today... or better yet, what is waiting for me. 

Oh, yes, that is right, laundry. And this is only half of it. I love laundry.
Actually, I really do enjoy doing laundry. I'm just having a little battle with it right now. You know, since I've actually started being busy and at school all day every day it's been tricky to stay on top of. But that is why I have today: to conquer my mountain (literally). 

Oh, and also. It is B-e-a-utiful this morning! So much so that we are going to take the puppy to the park. He Loves the park. So do I. We are also going so I can run. Yes, that's right. I said run. Amazed that I'm running so soon after my 1/2? You should be :D  I ran the other day too. Three miles. I feel like now that I know I can run 13.1 miles, running three miles is nothing. It's a breeze. Though, I suppose if I want to keep the breezy feeling of, "Oh, it's just three miles!" I will have to keep running regularly. bummer. I find great motivation when I have invested a large chunk of dough. Which is exactly what happened with the 1/2. You couldn't have paid me to run one mile before I signed up for the Princess 1/2, but after I was registered for it, you couldn't get me to stop running. Crazy how much money influences my level of activeness.  

... and I am beginning to notice that I am talking about my puppy and laundry entirely too much. I apologize. I just can't help it, they have both found a way to take over my sad little life. Which is sad in itself. 

2 comment(s):

mrsashcake said...

ha! i can't say that i'm super cool but thanks :) you boosted my ego a little bit today :)

also, signing up for a 1/2 made you run huh? i may have to try that method of motivation. lol

Megan said...

Hahaha...I feel the exact same way!! Housework and puppies consume my life right now. Aren't we just so exciting?? Haha.

Maybe I need to sign up for a race to start running...nothing gets me motivated!!