Sunday, April 3, 2011

Graduation Gift Please?

Yesterday I went out and did my weekly grocery shopping trip. I normally go to the same store to get my shopping done, but some times I like to go to a different store. It really depends on my mood. Well, not really, but I do like to mix things up a bit. And since we have five different stores that sell groceries within five mile of our house I am able to go to which ever one I feel a fancy to go to. It's quite nice. I can pick from Kroger, Walmart, Meijer, Target, and 10 more Krogers that are right near by.

Anyhow. For some reason I decided that yesterday I wanted to go to Meijer and get the groceries for the week. My reasoning was sound: I hadn't been there in a long time and I just felt like it. I am a great one to reason. So true. Or maybe not. But you will never know : ) Now, if you don't know what Meijer is I will tell you: it's a very big store with everything you could ever want, need, or imagine, in it. Clothes, food, cleaning stuff, pet stuff, toys, office supplies . . . everything. Like a Super Walmart or Fred Meyer or some other such place. So I went on my merry way.

I have a tendency to walk around and look at things, admire them and wish I could keep them forever and ever. I don't. Buy them and keep them that is. But I still admire and wish I could. Maybe that's a bad thing. I don't know. But I do know that I did this yesterday. I walked around the entire store thinking how I loved that or how cute this was. But I kept on walking towards the food. As I was walking I passed the prettiest placemat I have seen in forever. And napkins. And napkin rings. These placemats had pretty red, orange, green, and pink flowers on it. They were so fresh, pretty, sweet, and perfect for adorning my table this Spring and Summer. Oh, how badly I wanted them. But I refrained. As I always do.

Then I stumbled across the cutest, the best, the most perfect set of dishes ever in the world. They were made for me. The colors were perfect and would complement my kitchen in the ideal way. I knew right then and there that I had to have them. Here's the problem though: I have some dishes already and the hubs would remind me of this and how we don't actually need them, that it is more of a strong desire. So sensible. But seriously, I need them. I'm thinking for graduation (which is 25 days away!). I mean, why not? I won't get to participate in the actual graduation ceremony (long and boring story about that) which would have cost around $375 if I had. But . . . I'm not. So right there I am saving us $375 dollars. Bam-a-ram. What's a little graduation gift of $60 dollars compared to that? Nothing! Right? You need to agree with me on this so I can tell the hubs I'm not the only one who thinks it the perfect reasoning. I mean, I've worked hard for that degree. 21 whole months of reading and writing and going to class and teaching and observing and learning . . . 21 months. And soon I will be done. I will have graduated my Masters of Teaching program and be a real certified teacher. And as a little graduation reward/gift/present all I ask for is a set of beautiful dishes? . . . and a job, but the hubs can't get me that. This is where the hubs might pipe in and say, "When you get a job, then you can get the dishes." But what kind of treat is that?

I suppose, I don't need new dishes. I don't need anything. And I don't need a treat or present for graduating, for earning my masters degree. I just really want it. Plus, when the hubs was finishing up his Masters degree we went to Sea World. Sea World. That is more than $60, let me tell you. And no, I don't think everything needs to be fair . . . heh. Or maybe I do.

Regardless, I will stop from my ramblings right now and let you get on with your important activities. And to give you an idea of just how adorable and perfect the dishes I came across yesterday were I will leave you with this:

(note: these are very nearly the dishes I have picked out in my head. Sadly, there was no picture online to share with you, I will have to wait to do that when I get my new dishes. But they pretty much look like these beauties)

Cheers! Have a happy Sunday!

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Anonymous said...

do it. they would look awesome in your kitchen.

I had been coveting some dishes at Kohls for 2 years. TWO YEARS!!!! and could never let myself come up with a good enough reason to buy them. never. every time I was in the store I would walk over and see if they were 80 percent off, because then I could justify the purchase.

But then, one day, I had a 30% off coupon…not bad…AND they were buy one box get one box free! I had to do it.

And I love them. And Brent helped my guilty conscience by telling me they could be my valentine's day present.

and I love them. LOVE them. but the two YEARS of agonizing over buying them was not fun. So just go do it.

seriously :)

and then i will come visit and we will eat cookies off the plates!!