Tuesday, March 29, 2011

it comes to me

I have to say that sometimes I surprise myself. For example, I normally do not go to the gym to exercise. Well, before my training that is. I mean, sure, I would go occasionally if the hubs were going. Somehow I always felt guilty if I didn't go with him to work out. Not that he would run on the treadmill next to me, no, he would be in the weight room lifting and moving all kinds of bars and bells and really big and awkward machines (okay, he's not moving the actual machine, but whatever is in the machine or what ever it does when you hold on tight, that's what he's doing). Like I was saying, the hubs goes and works out regularly. He always has, I think he told me he started doing this when he was in high school, and really it could have been as early on as 7th or 8th grade. But he really got into all of the lifting and all that jazz in high school while he was playing basketball. I do not go. Personally, I find no pleasure or enjoyment out of going and getting all nasty and sweaty (though I suppose it can feel rewarding afterwards).

I on the other hand had none of that. My idea of exercising was walking to the mail box or the pantry to get a Hershey's Kiss. . . or some other such goodness. That makes me sound really lazy. Eh, maybe I am. Or not. Who knows. But here's the difference between the hubs and me. He goes to work out. I let the work out come to me. You see, my body just naturally works out. All of the walking I do around the house, around campus (when I was at college), at school (where I now spend my every waking hour . . . not really, but kind of). It's like my gift or something. I'm always on the move, or so it seems. I did get a kick start at running and walking way back in college (which I am very sad to say really was way back when), when I took Running and Walking 245. That's right. It was a class. A-mazing. The sad part about that class, was I was the only one who didn't cheat about the amount of time I ran, walked, or jogged. I can't lie. And I always try my best when it comes to homework. So I actually ran, and walked, and jogged. After that class I didn't really stick to the same regimented schedule I did for my homework (which was two hours outside of class of cardio workout every week). But I stayed active just the same.

So today, even though I'm done training for my Princess 1/2, even though I've already run my 1/2 marathon, I still went to the gym. I think I must secretly like exercising somewhere inside my brain... crazy, I know. Sadly I had forgotten my ipod at home (and just in case you were wondering, it is Miserable to work out without some hopping tunes to keep you going). I was also famished! And I had the biggest headache I've ever had in my life. It's true. But, I'm a trooper! Cause I still went and had me a work out. Any. . . for some reason I felt as though it were pertinent that I shared that with you. There you have it.    

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