Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Princess 1/2 part 1

It's over. Finished. Gone. No longer. Bye-bye.

And it went just like that... snap. Blink of an eye.

I ran a half marathon. That's 13.1 miles to be precise. And really, by the time you add up all of the miles I walked before and after the race it's really more like 10,000. But, who's counting? Not me.

So yes. My grand adventure. My torturous training. My aching feet. My goal. My dream. My crazy idea. Is over.

It's a little bit sad.

You know how it all started... that one crazy idea that popped up in my head way back when... and somehow turned into signing up for and running the Princess 1/2. Who would have thought I would actually do it?

The training was endless. The training was dreadful. And deadly. But I managed. Then I found myself on an airplane flying towards my doom.

The Princess 1/2.

My sister, friend, and hubs, all kept asking me if I was excited, pumped up... Let me think about that, Um no. Thankfully I was too busy to really dread it and it crept up on me like a little alligator.

So it begins: Saturday we went to the Expo Center to get our bibs (the things you have to pin on your clothes while you run) and welcome packets. While we were there we even got some free socks, cause we said we were running for Princess Belle (my personal favorite princess). It was pretty sweet getting the awesome new socks. What was not so sweet about the Expo Center was this:
In case you can't tell, there are millions of people there. Crazy! But that's where we had to go. My favorite thing is to be squished and surrounded by millions of people.

But we survived and then we were rewarded:
Showing our bibs off : )

Yes, that's right, we got our picture with the butlers, I happen to know that the one on the right loves stripes, good pick.

Unfortunately the hott and juicy details of the actual run will have to wait until tomorrow. So come back soon!!

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