Friday, December 30, 2011

Chocolate kisses

Last night Puppy gave us quite the scare. Yep. He did.

I was upstairs reading, The Hubs was doing his breathing treatment (he has to be hooked up to a machine and blow on some plastic pipe looking thing. It takes about 30 minutes. ... he's not really hooked up to the machine, but he may as well be. He's got it all set up right in front of the computer, that way he won't be bored while he's practicing breathing... it's really noisy so he can't watch tv while he breaths. Anyhow, I'm sure that's more than you really cared to know about The Hubs and his illness, but since I'm the one writing... : ).

As I was reading I could hear The Puppy nibbling on something. I thought he was in the office with The Hubs chewing on his nice blue bone. He sounded like he was doing just fine and was as happy as could be. While I was reading I considered checking on The Puppy. But I knew he had to be fine since he was with The Hubs. He wasn't. Nope.

After The Hubs finished his breathing treatment I asked him what Puppy was doing. He said he didn't know.

Not good.

The Hubs was quick to look down and see that puppy was nibbling on something ... something that wasn't his bone, or hedgehog, or rope, or lion, or any of his toys. Nope. Not. None.

Kisses. Chocolate kisses. Chocolate that kills puppies.

Puppy seemed very happy with himself and seemed to be enjoying the kisses very much. Although, he did not really care for almonds that we're in some of the kisses. He ate around them. What a talented little pup.

After racing to his rescue and reaching down his throat to take all of the chocolate out (not that we could get any, he had eaten it all, of course. Although he did and leave the little foil wrappers on the couch. How he did that I do not know, again, talented little pup).

We were just really scared he was going to die from eating chocolate. The Hubs did some research and since puppy only ate seven kisses it wasn't enough to hurt him, thankfully :)

Anyhow, that's my puppy story.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

a nice day

This has been one of the best days in a long time. Actually, that's not completely true. I have been having a lot of really good days lately. Nice, easy, home-y days which I get to fill with whatever I like :) I love days like these.

This morning The Hubs slept in and went to work later so I got to fix a nice big yummy breakfast of bacon and pancakes. It was delicious. Then I went to the eye doctor with the intention of picking out some new eye glasses, but due to my severe case of indecisiveness I left the store without picking out a new pair of specs. Shame really. I should have just done it then, while I was there. But I didn't. Surprise? Maybe. Or not. I just couldn't decide if I really liked any of the frames I saw. Eh, oh well.

One of the highlights of my day was visiting with one of my friends. She had a baby at the end of September and I have been able to visit with her randomly since then. I was happy I had a day and was able to see her and her adorable baby girl! If only I could have more days like this one :)

Anyhow, I hope your day was a happy one!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I realize it might be a little late to say Merry Christmas for actual Christmas. But by my saying it now, I'm just helping the day last a little bit longer :) I just feel like Christmas has come and gone so quickly this year. Really, I feel like it always does. Weeks and weeks build up the excitement of Christmas and then boom, it's here and gone before you can really soak it all in. Then after Christmas it's time to get back to the real world, which is just sad.

... and I will stop being depressing now. I mean, it is Christmas after all :)

Speaking of Christmas, how was yours? Mine was wonderful I got to see one of my sisters and her kiddos (even though one of them was so sick on Christmas Eve, poor little guy!) and then I got to spend a lot to time with The Hubs and his family. We ate a lot of good food. A lot. Probably more than I should have, but I just love food and it was all so yummy. Plus it was Christmas :)

I got a lot of really nice surprises and thoughtful gifts for Christmas, more than I could have dreamed of getting. One of the yummiest gifts I got was a Keurig coffee maker! I heart it so much! It have had some very yummy and cozy coffee drinks from it already :) I also got a brand new Christmas tree. I will be posting some pictures of the beauty, don't worry. I love it. And of course some other. Wry wonderful things. It was a very happy Christmas, and not just because of the gifts.

Anyhow. Merry Christmas! I hope it was a good one.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

happy heart

For about five months I have been meaning to get file folders so I can get organized at school. I have a bunch of folders and such, but they just aren't as organized as I would like them to be. But instead of just going out to buy some on day number one I waited about a semester before making the investment. When I brought the folders to my classroom I was wishing I had done so earlier. I was organizing things and putting them all in new little homes and it made my heart happy. Anyhow. It's the small things that make my heart happy. I just wanted to share real quick like.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

a little of this and a little of that

So, I don't have much of one thing to share. I just have a little of a lot. Stick around if you really care to know what has been going on in my wonderful life and in my thoughts.

It's almost Christmas Break. Yep. That's right. Almost break. There are seven official days of school left before break. Which is just crazy. Wonderful, but crazy. All I see is a pile of papers that have to be graded before then. Okay, that's not all I see, but I do see that pile. Funny thing about it is that as soon as it starts to shrink it magically grows. It's like it never stops. Crazy. What I want to know is how do you manage the mountain of papers? How? If you have a trick, please let me know.

In other news, the hubs is sick. Well, he's kind of been sick for a while now. But we finally found out what the trouble is. It only took about a year to find out. Or two months, either way, it took a long time. Thankfully he has a diagnoses and medicine to take and he is fixable. I must admit he called me the other day and it just was not good. I started playing the "what if" game. Not a good game. But I kept telling myself, "Just pray about it. It's ok. Nothing's really wrong. Pray. It's fine..." And it was. Is. It is. 

Also. I have a stack of papers to give back to my kids. There are papers in there from months ago. How do these not get back in their hands after they are graded? I don't know. It's like there is some super power that prevents them from getting their work back. Not really. But it is true that they don't have any of their work. At least, not most of it. Not good, I know. I just haven't figured out an efficient way to get their work back to them. I know now, at the end of the semester any way of getting it back to them will be extremely inefficient, but I just don't know what to do. Any teachers have any tips on returning work? But hey, at least the kids can't say I'm not looking at and grading their work. Cause if you saw the stack, you could see that I am. Clearly. 

I have started giving quizzes to my kids over the assigned readings. You might be thinking, "Well, duh. Giving quizzes is elementary." But I didn't really have that epiphany until a little while ago when I was thinking back on my days as a student. I remembered one of my professors used to give little five question quizzes every day of class over the assigned reading. I remember how even though I read for all my other classes the quizzes made me pay attention even more, cause you never knew what questions he would ask. So I started doing the same. At first the kids hated me. I'm sure some still do : ) But then after a while of giving the quizzes the kids started asking and even begging me to give them a quiz. ha. Yes. That's right. The kids wanted a quiz. Glorious. 

Anyhow. I know that's a really random assortment of thoughts and such. But thanks for your company. I just needed to warm up my fingers a little bit and get my brain moving. It's been a little while... I will do my very best to not be so all over the place next time.