Thursday, March 24, 2011

the hubs' happy birthday

The hubs had his birthday. He is officially old. kehehe. Not really. And I really can't say that because I am just as old. I am ancient. ugh.

Anyway... It was a lovely time. We had to celebrate his birthday a day early though because he had a basketball game on his actual birthday. The hubs didn't mind celebrating early. But I felt like he was getting gypped. But we're different like that. He isn't as big on celebrating birthdays and holidays as I am. I like to make a big deal of a birthday, I think it's fun and special. If I get a package or letter in the mail around my birthday or Christmas time I wait until my actual birthday or Christmas to open it. I like opening things all together. The hubs likes to draw things out and can make one day last many and doesn't care if the actual day is a big woop-dee-doo or not. I like the big woop-dee-doo. I think it's good the hubs has me to make the one day even more special and amazing. Just sayin'.

So we celebrated. ...I did make him wait to open his birthday presents on his actually birthday though. He can't cheat like that around me!

The Happy Birthday Strawberry Cake

A birthday is not a birthday without candles. 


3 comment(s):

Amanda said...

So sweet to make his b-day special :) The cake looks amazing!

Kent said...

ooooo!! skrumdilliumptious!

Jess said...

ohhh, i've made this strawberry thing before! it is always a crowd favorite! YUM! :)