Tuesday, March 15, 2011

... and I left out number 3

Right... number 3.

3. A trip to the Maya Rivera with the hubs. Also known as a honeymoon. I loved spending all day on the beach, basking in the sunshine. I loved eating anything and everything when ever I wanted to, thank you all-inclusive. I loved spending time with my new hubs after not seeing him at all for 16 weeks. I loved it.

pure bliss.

3 comment(s):

Amanda said...

Sounds like a great honeymoon!

mrsashcake said...

sounds like a pretty nice honeymoon!

kelseylynae said...

I want to be there right now.

However, as much as I like you "hubs", I think I would rather be there with mine :)

Miss you guys. Thanks for the, always humorous and enlightening, blog posts!