Thursday, January 31, 2013

Emerson's Birth Morning

In the wee hours of the morning, while the sun was still hidden from world, and I was sleeping peacefully (well, as peacefully as one can when one has a giant round ball for a belly and when one must get up every hour to go to the bathroom) I was stirred from my slumber. I woke up in a daze, but more importantly, in a puddle of wet and cold something. It was 4:15. Something that was not supposed to be in my bed. Alarmed at the cold and wet I was feeling in my pajamas I got up and went to the bathroom to make sure everything was ok. I also put on a fresh pair of pajama pants. Before I could get back into bed the clean and dry pjs I had just put on were wet. My water was leaking. At least, I was pretty darn certain. I called my sister and my doctor and decided, yes indeed, my water was leaking. It was time to go to the emergency room.

Apparently the Hubs sensed that I wasn't in bed, so when I said, "Landon," he sat up more alarmed than I was and asked what was wrong. "I think my water broke." He jumped out of bed and asked what he needed to do. In a haze he got his things together (funnily enough I had told him days before that he ought to pack a little bag for himself to take to the hospital - he hadn't) and took a two minute shower to wake up and I put a few last minute items in that needed to be packed in my bag. All the while I was certain my water had broke, but I was still in denial. That denial didn't last long as I felt a sudden gush of water, then another, and another. The water would not stop. It was terrifying. This wasn't suppose to happen for at least three more weeks.

Very slowly and carefully Landon helped me down the stairs and into the car. Thankfully the hospital is pretty close to our house and it didn't take us long to get admitted (another funny: I was planning on pre-registering at the hospital that very day). After a little while a nurse (or someone, I'm not really sure who) came and took me to labor and delivery in a wheel chair. When we got to our little room for delivery a nurse came in as started asking me all kinds of questions while I was being hooked up to a heart monitor for the baby.

Minutes after they hooked the heart monitor up for the baby another nurse came in, then another, and another, soon there were at eight nurses in the room with me. I knew this wasn't normal or good and started praying harder than I ever had before. They talked to me, asked me questions, tried to keep my mind occupied. It didn't work. The only thing I was thinking about was my baby and if he was okay. The nurses were hooking me up to all kinds of machines and monitors, pricking and poking me with needles, tubes, and other strange devices. They were flipping, turning, poking, prodding, sticking, and pushing me... trying to get the baby's heart rate to pick up. It was low. Too low. That or they couldn't find it, they told me he was hiding from them. Thankfully, they found a spot where they could monitor his heart rate and it had picked up, it was stronger. But they kept watching it very carefully, as this was not the ideal situation for baby or me. My eyes were glued to the heart rate monitor screen. All but two of the nurses left the room and then the doctor came in. He talked to me about what was going on and then hooked me up to a contraction monitor (holy moly...). Baby looked fine, for now, but they were going to keep a very close eye on him.

Not five minutes later the nurse came in and told me they were going to move me to a different room so they could monitor us better. In a blur they wheeled me to the new room and the kind sweet nurse reassured me the whole time. A few minutes after the move my doctor came in, she told me (*we came in right before shift change, thus the man doctor first and the lady doctor this time) that I was having a lot of contractions, but that they were very mild and close together, and because of this I wasn't dilating and wasn't going to. I felt lower back pain, cramping, but it wasn't very strong and only made me slightly uncomfortable. (I had been feeling these same cramps for about a week, they started getting stronger on Wednesday. When I told my doctor at my weekly appointment I was told that it was normal and everything was fine.)  She said even if they put me on pitocin nothing would change and the mild but consistent contractions I was having was putting the baby under a lot of stress, and could cut into the blood supply which could cause harm to the baby's brain. It wasn't something that was going to get better with time, in fact, it would probably only get worse. Because of that she said she felt a C-Section was necessary. And soon. Within the hour soon. Our nurse left and got us in line for the operating room, we were going to be the next ones in, even if it meant delaying someone's scheduled C-Section.

 All of this happened so quickly. There were maybe 10 minutes total where Landon and I were left alone that morning, 10 minutes when "nothing" was going on. We had arrived at the hospital at about 5:30 that morning. At 6:30 we had been admitted and I was hooked up to dozens of machines and the baby and I were being closely monitored. At 7:30 the doctor told us we were going to have a C-Section. At 8:30 I was being wheeled into the operating room. At 9:30 I was holding my precious baby boy in my arms.

I do not think I have ever prayed so consistently in my life. From the moment I realized my water had broke to the moment I heard the doctors say my baby boy was here I did not stop praying. Hearing baby boy's cries in the operating room was the sweetest and most wonderful sound I had ever heard. Oh, that sweet, sweet, cry.

I never knew it was possible to love someone so much so instantly. My heart was full the moment I heard Emerson. The moment I saw him I knew I would never be the same. The moment I held him I loved him more than I thought possible. He is perfect in every way and I love being his mama. Welcome home, Emerson. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A little surprise

Monday morning the Hubs and I went to the emergency room after I told him I bought my water had broke. It had. Not too much longer after arriving at the hospital we welcomed our precious baby boy, Emerson, into our arms.

He is absolutely precious and perfect in every way. We have the most adorable baby boy and could not feel more blessed. We are still at the hospital in recovery but look forward to going home in the next day or so.

Once we get home, I will share pictures and the whole story. I just wanted to share the news of our joy.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

36 weeks

Some highlights from this week... 

- We got the nursery put together! The crib is up, the bedding is in, clothes and blankets are put away. Everything is finished and I LOVE it! It is absoltely adorable and just what I wanted. The only thing missing now is Gooseberry. I'm pretty sure he will love it as soon as he sees it :)

- I had a doctor's appointment this week and everything looked and sounded good. I'm going in weekly now, which is crazy. It's really not too much longer until this little one makes his appearance. 

- Yesterday before I left school I was working on plans for this upcoming week, then I somehow just kept going. I have the next three weeks planned out. Just short of three weeks until Gooseberry is due, oh my. That is not much time at all. 

- I have had some very attractive kankles these past few days, especially yesterday. My, oh, my. 

- I'd say that's about all. I hope you all have a lovely weekend! 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

35 weeks

Some highlights from this week... 

- We had our second baby shower and we really were showered with generous and lovely gifts! The shower was at the Hubs' church, ladies were at our shower who knew hubs when he was a baby. I am still amazed at at all of the ladies that came to the shower and loved on us and our little baby boy. We have been spoiled in love and have plenty to welcome Gooseberry home with. 

- After the shower we were able to go and get a crib for Gooseberry! I am so excited!! The same afternoon we got the crib Hubs put it together, he is so talented and amazing. Even though there were a dozen other things that he wanted to go that afternoon he put the crib together because he knew it was so important to me. 

- Because the crib was purchased and put together and because we received the bedding we asked for we were able to put everything together. The nursery is pretty much complete! There are a few things that I still need to get/am waiting to come in the mail, but if you go upstairs and look at the room, it looks pretty finished (at least I think so :). Having the nursery put together makes me so excited and even more anxious for little Gooseberry (who is now the size of a coconut!) to make his appearance.  

- The diaper bag I ordered finally came in the mail and I have stuff packed for Baby. I'm sure if there is something I don't have the hospital will have it, and if they don't we can always have some one go to the house and get it for us. 

- Sleep has not been my friend. I am so tired, but then I can't sleep as well as I would like to. And pretty much the only thing I feel like doing is laying on the couch and falling asleep... I feel pretty tired these days. 

- I am ready for Gooseberry to get here! It is getting more and more difficult for me to concentrate at school and I am finding that I really just don't care about anything at work. I just want to be at home getting ready for little mister's arrival. I feel like there is a lot more I need to do before he gets here and I just want to be at home so I can be sure it gets done. 

- I went to the doctor this week and he said everything looked and sounded good. Four more weeks!!

-Anyhow, I will leave it at that. I have a few other things in mind that I want to share this week, hopefully I get my tired self off the couch for long enough in the evenings so I can make that a reality. 

Happy Tuesday y'all :) 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

baby shower by friends

On Saturday my friends were super sweet and threw a baby shower for me and baby boy! It was so wonderful! They really out did themselves and made me feel so special and loved. I know that this little Goosberry is already one very loved little guy. 

the adorable table spread with delightful goodies

ducks and a diaper cake, what more can you ask for?

my friends spoiled me! 

I am soooo excited about this baby food maker! I have only heard good things about it. I don't have a food processor (which is what I hear a lot of people use to make baby food) so I'm uber excited about learning how to use this and make yummy food for my baby ... when he's old enough of course. 

As one of the games, everyone got to decorate a onesie. They were pretty darn cute.  

The lovely ladies who held the shower for me and my sweet friends. 

two of my friends happen to be preggers right now also. Can you tell who's having their baby first? :) 

It was so exciting to have a shower. It made having a baby feel a little more real. Now we have things (like clothes, diapers, and other important baby stuff) that we need. I have been slowly putting the things in their new homes. I still have some work to do on the nursery, but I am going to wait to finish it up until this weekend when we have our second shower. I just hope Gooseberry stays in my belly until his room is finished (not that he would know any different. it's more for my peace of mind. and don't worry, if he were to come early, we have stuff to get us started :) 

I hope you all are having a good week. It's Wednesday .... I can't wait for the weekend! 

Monday, January 7, 2013

34 weeks

 This week has been one of my favorites. I have so much enjoyed being on Christmas break. So much so that I just really don't want to go back to school. I loved being at home over break because I actually felt like a good wife. I got laundry done, that's right: washed, dried, folded, and put away all in the same day. I've kept our kitchen clean. No piles of dirty dishes on the counter or in the sink. I've baked treats. I've cooked real food for dinner, I had forgotten how much I missed making things that don't come out of a box. I've cleaned the bathrooms, and tidied up the office, and cleaned the other rooms. Gooseberry's room is all clean and as ready as it can be for the time being. I just really like being home. I can't wait until this little baby comes so I can stay home for a little while I learn how to be a wife and a mama. 

I'll just leave you all with a few highlights from this week: 

- I got so much done around the house! I don't know if it's because I was on break and had time or if it is because the nesting phase that I hear and read about it starting to set in. 

- Goosberry's booty (or head or elbow or foot or something...) seems quite comfy poking at my rib cage. I'm just happy one of us in comfortable. 

- We had a doctor's appointment this week. The doctor said everything looked good and his heartbeat was where it should be. She also said my belly was measuring right at 34 weeks (good!). I will also be having weekly doctor appointments from here on out. So soon!!! 

- My wonderful friends threw me a baby shower this weekend and I feel spoiled rotten. This little baby is going to be so very loved, he already is! I will share more about the shower later. 

- This coming Saturday we are having our second baby shower. I am so excited! I feel like after this shower we will finally be able to get Gooseberry's room ready and be ready for him to come any time (after of course I get everything put away and washed). 

- I am so grateful for this little baby and so wonderfully excited to meet him and welcome him into our home. Jesus has showered his blessings on us in so many ways. It really isn't very much longer! 


Anyhow. I hope you all had a happy Monday.