Thursday, March 10, 2011

his creation...

The other night the hubs was out and about and I was stuck in class. Which really means I was stuck upstairs glued to the computer, as it is an online class. Anyhow, the puppy was downstairs and I was not. When I left him he was being all sweet and cuddly. I knew it would be safe to leave him downstairs because around this time of the night that puppy is calm and up to no mischief. I checked on him periodically by looking over the banister. He was being a sweetie.

Then... after being in class for a little while I thought it was about time to check on the puppy. And this is what I found:

o. good. gracious.
and yes, I did take the time to take a picture of his creation.

Let me just tell you, he has never done anything quite this elaborately before. ... well, there was that one time he snuck into the laundry basket and grabbed something he should have not and completely destroyed it. I have never seen underwear in so mutilated and in so many pieces before. Oh, puppy... oh, my.

But I love him because he is sweet and cuddly the other 98% of the time. Plus, he is perfect company. Really, if you got to know if you would love him too. This is probably giving some of you a terrible perception of our sweet little puppy (note the word puppy: puppies do this kind of thing, not grown up puppies). But he really is wonderful and sweet and adorable, see?

and there is even laundry right next to his little head. Now, that's a good puppy.

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