Monday, March 28, 2011

Marvelous Monday

Monday deserves a nice word every now and then. So here are a few nice things about today:

1. I survived being observed my the assistant principal this morning. whew.
2. I didn't faint during my video lesson (the one where I have to record myself teaching a whole long lesson).
3. The video camera that my friend lent to me didn't break down and die on me (a fact that I really and truly appreciate).
4. Adverbs are all in the past now . . . well, not really, but kind of. Plus, I rather like them.
5. I saw the hubs and we got to eat dinner together tonight, it was nice to chat and chill with him.
6. The pup and I went on a nice little stroll this afternoon, and it was only a little cold.

See, Mondays can be nice days. I'm not saying they're my favorite, but they can be nice . . . once you are out of bed and on your way. The getting out of bed it the dreadful bit of Monday.

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Amanda said...

Glad you had a great Monday! Congrats and getting through your observation :)