Thursday, March 3, 2011

Princess 1/2 part 2

The big morning arrived. Bright and early. Or maybe I should say dark and early, cause that's pretty much what it was. Dark. And Incredibly early. Like 3:45 or something ridiculous like that. Thankfully the sis and I were prepared. We had already pinned the bibs on our running shirts and had our whole running outfit laid out and waiting. I didn't really mean to, or maybe I did, either way I did... break the cardinal running a marathon rule: don't wear anything new on the day of the big run. Well, I did. It was new to me, except the shoes of course. But I couldn't resist, Sis has the absolute coolest and cutest clothes ever on the face of the planet, even for running. So she brought some awesomeness for me to borrow. So sweet she is. Anyhow. We were ready to concur the world. As is evident by the following photographs:

Up and ready to run, run, run, run, and run some more...

At the big event! Right before we ditched the hubs and C~ to start. Personally, I love the tiaras but the entire ensemble was pretty awesome too.

After this we walked about ten miles to get to the starting line at which point we began the 13.1 mile trek across Disney World. That's right. We were so amazing they set fireworks off for us when we started. It was pretty awesome.

Then we ran. At lighting speed.

With lots of princesses.

With big bright smiles plastered across our faces.

I think it would be safe to say I only broke my left and right foot, right and left legs. Thankfully this didn't happen until mile 11 so I only had to crawl towards the finish line for 3 miles, not too bad, I mean, it could have been 13 miles of crawling and dragging myself. But it wasn't.

So we ran. A lot. And it was ... fun. Running was fun. Running the Princess 1/2 was fun. Yes. I said it. I said fun and run in the same sentence. On purpose. How about that?

If I were a super crazy ... like some of these:
(I think you know who I am talking about) I could have stopped to have my photo taken with some awesome and sweet characters like: Captain Jack Sparrow, Aladdin, Tarzan, Belle and Geston, Alice, the Fairy Godmothers... and a thousand others. Well, really, if I had carried a camera with me the whole 13.1 miles I could have done that. But I didn't. I decided to look and smile instead of stand all nasty sweaty like next to some really hott Prince. ya know... priorities.

One thing I did like about the 1/2 was all of the cheerleaders (spectators along the course cheering us on) and the entertainment along the way. These guys were pretty cool. I got to listen for a whole .59 seconds, that's how fast I was :D
But seriously, it was pretty awesome. I would have died if there had been nothing to look at or distract me along the way. I also had a pretty awesome Sis, we ran together pretty much the whole time. Running with her made it fun.

Anyhow. I ran. I finished. It was fun. See, I'm happy and smiling.

I got a medal. And finished with my tiara in place.
This is the after picture, and yes, I am smiling a real smile.
I was quite pleased and tickled with myself for running in a 1/2. Who knows, maybe I will do it again some day... but probably only for a 1/2 I can wear a tiara in and be considered underdressed : )

There is more I can and will share about my grand adventure, like what happened after the run. But that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Now, please leave a comment. If ran a 1/2, you can leave a comment, or at least start following me : ) Or both. Preferably. That would be nice. I would like to know who is reading me.

Also, I promise to start posting regularly again, things have kind of settled down a little so keep your eyes peeled for future awesomeness :D

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Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC!!! You both did it!!! What an accomplishment!!! Way to go girl's!!!!!
Thanks for posting so many pictures.
Love you bunches and so proud of you both!!!

Anonymous said...

I've been awaiting the wrap-up of the fun run. Thank you for posting. Proud of my girls.

Anonymous said...

That pretty much sums it up nicely Hannah, I love your story telling! And Isaac says he misses you and also enjoyed the story. Cara

Brent said...

Of course I'm reading this.

And way to go! That's awesome. I could never do such a thing! [But if I did, it would totally be at Disney Worldy :)]

Brent said...

and this is kels