Tuesday, March 8, 2011

what am I doing?

Life is back to normal. Well, maybe... is there really ever a normal? I think not. Or, there might be. But just not for me. I feel like normal is always changing. Though thankfully I think a little routine is beginning to emerge. Who knows though. And really, a routine? I'm not sure I am capable of this. Not true, I am, I just have been lacking one for some time now.

Anyhow. Life is life. I wake up very early in the morning and begin my day with breakfast.

I Love breakfast. Who doesn't though? It's only The Best Meal of the day! I mean, think about all of the deliciosity (yes that is a word, but don't look it up :) that comes along with breakfast. Off the top of my head: pancakes: blueberry, chocolate chip, buttermilk, banana... waffles, crepes, muffins, oatmeal, eggs, biscuits, fruit, yogurt, cereal, toast, French toast... and those are just a few. Anyhow, can you not see how incredible breakfast is? Sad to admit that my typical week day breakfast usually consists of a bowl of cereal and maybe an English Muffin. A shame really considering all of the elaborate and delicious choices out there for me.

I'm at school now, all day, every day as a student teacher. It's pretty nice. I get to be a teacher and a student at the same time, so I have the responsibility of both. Learning much? Busy much? Stressed much? To say yes would be an understatement. So anyhow, this is what I do. This is what fills my days.

As I was taking a break from homework and school (some refer to it as procrastinating) this afternoon, I was reading a post by a new blog friend (I'm allowed to say that because that's what blogging people say about people they have never met but still know because they read all about them in their blog) of mine over at Story of My Life I got to thinking about the purpose of this here little blog. What am I trying to do? Unburden my life through words? Eh, maybe. Retell the events of my day? Not really, but I find myself doing it just the same. Tell an amusing story? Yes. I like to think I do. On occasion at least. Impart my worldly wisdom? Most certainly :D So anyways. I'm a thinkin'. Purpose. What is it? Apparently it's a good thing to have. But then again, maybe the purpose of this blog is just like the purpose of my life, of which I am not sure.

But for today the purpose will be to impart a few words of wisdom. From my brain to yours: Sometimes it is best to ignore a nippy puppy, and sometimes it can be detrimental.

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