Wednesday, March 16, 2011

gave it up

Well, shoot fire. It's already Wednesday. That means a lot of things... but I won't get started on all of those today. No.

So, I find this a little bit funny and interesting kind of. I gave something up for Lent this year. That's not the funny part. Though if you wanted it to be I suppose you could make it to be. Up to you really. Anyhow. I gave something up with the intention of spending more time doing the things that I never get done: like dishes, tidying up the house, and my quiet time. It was my hope and goal that when I gave this certain thing up for Lent I would have way more time for other more important things, like the above mentioned. However somehow at exactly the same time I gave up my thing (which if you would really like to know is Facebook) I started becoming slightly (and only slightly...) more obsessed with blogs. Reading, writing, and making new friends... Um. I think I'm not doing the whole giving something up thing right. Or, I have (because I haven't been on Facebook for a week) I have just neglected to fill it with the other important things, like what I said before. Now I just get home from school, play with the puppy, and read a few blogs instead of doing the other wonderful and great things I should be doing.

Am I trying to guilt myself into getting on with life? Or spending my time more wisely? Perhaps. Even if I'm not. I ought to. Be guilting myself to get on with life that is. Like, there is this video project I have to do... and well, I really need to do it, I am just really lacking the motivation at the moment. It's a problem.  

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Amanda said...

Blogging is definitely a right now when I should be doing homework :) oh well!