Friday, March 4, 2011

After the 1/2

Like I said earlier, I broke both of my feet and legs while running the 1/2. No one believed me though, so they dragged me along on crazy adventures. All of these adventures involved standing and walking for extensive periods of time.

Note how I am standing... more like leaning on the hubs for support since as you can clearly see my legs are broken.

As you can see from the picture below my feet really and truly are quite broken. Do you see how fat and puffy and purple they are? Seriously. Also, I have black toenails. For this very reason I went out and bough some nail polish to cover up the ugly nasty blackness on my toes. Though, I hear that makes me a true and real live runner.... you know, that's just what I am. I am a runner. ha. Though I will have to say, the warm sand felt pretty glorious after the 1/2... even though I was standing on my broken legs.

The hubs, and C~ decided to go out and explore Disney World after our quick visit to the beach. So we did. Unfortunately, I never got the wheel chair or crutches I requested. As hubs, C~, and even at times Sis, were walking 100 miles an hour I was lagging far far behind, hobbling as quickly as I possibly could to keep up with them. At one point I ran to catch up. Although, the run wasn't so running like. My legs buckled under and gave out. Oh gracious. After that I stuck to my hobble. Although it was slow, it worked and it took me places ... all of the same places I had run past not even eight hours prior. Like...


But hey, at least no more damage was done to my already broken legs : ) Seriously though, it was a fun time

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Anonymous said...

The way the sand is over your left foot it looks like your pinky toe is barely attached to your foot... or maybe it's not the sand. Maybe all the running actually distorted your foot look that. After all, you did break both legs and feet. Crazy. Never once did you complain either!

- the hubs