Thursday, March 31, 2011

little choices

I was sitting in the middle of a room filled with 8th graders this morning listening to high school students talk about what high school will be like, the opportunities, clubs, and sports that await the incoming freshmen. Listening to them talk and looking around the room got me reminiscing about days long past. Not even the days from when I was an 8th grader or a high schooler. But the days of college. How I got there, what I did there. The friends I had, the things I did. The snow that was so foreign to me. Everything about it seems mystical, like it never really happened. Though at the time it was more real than I would have liked to admit. Anyhow, I was just thinking about life and how quickly it passes by. The choices that we are faced with on a daily basis. The choices that will make us into who we become and where we are going. And it's crazy and unreal at times to think about all of the little decisions I have made that have turned into life changing choices. I could elaborate, but I'm not going to. Not tonight, tonight I'm just thinking about all of everything and nothing particularly.

And on a completely unrelated note . . . I cannot wait for tomorrow afternoon to come. Spring Break hasn't been this welcome in a long time, since I was in school I think. I feel like there is something about school that come spring time if you don't have a break you just might die. Not really, but you get the idea. Maybe that's why it's one of the only (the only?) profession, place, time that you have a spring break. Who knows. But I am thankful, excited, and ready for it!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

it comes to me

I have to say that sometimes I surprise myself. For example, I normally do not go to the gym to exercise. Well, before my training that is. I mean, sure, I would go occasionally if the hubs were going. Somehow I always felt guilty if I didn't go with him to work out. Not that he would run on the treadmill next to me, no, he would be in the weight room lifting and moving all kinds of bars and bells and really big and awkward machines (okay, he's not moving the actual machine, but whatever is in the machine or what ever it does when you hold on tight, that's what he's doing). Like I was saying, the hubs goes and works out regularly. He always has, I think he told me he started doing this when he was in high school, and really it could have been as early on as 7th or 8th grade. But he really got into all of the lifting and all that jazz in high school while he was playing basketball. I do not go. Personally, I find no pleasure or enjoyment out of going and getting all nasty and sweaty (though I suppose it can feel rewarding afterwards).

I on the other hand had none of that. My idea of exercising was walking to the mail box or the pantry to get a Hershey's Kiss. . . or some other such goodness. That makes me sound really lazy. Eh, maybe I am. Or not. Who knows. But here's the difference between the hubs and me. He goes to work out. I let the work out come to me. You see, my body just naturally works out. All of the walking I do around the house, around campus (when I was at college), at school (where I now spend my every waking hour . . . not really, but kind of). It's like my gift or something. I'm always on the move, or so it seems. I did get a kick start at running and walking way back in college (which I am very sad to say really was way back when), when I took Running and Walking 245. That's right. It was a class. A-mazing. The sad part about that class, was I was the only one who didn't cheat about the amount of time I ran, walked, or jogged. I can't lie. And I always try my best when it comes to homework. So I actually ran, and walked, and jogged. After that class I didn't really stick to the same regimented schedule I did for my homework (which was two hours outside of class of cardio workout every week). But I stayed active just the same.

So today, even though I'm done training for my Princess 1/2, even though I've already run my 1/2 marathon, I still went to the gym. I think I must secretly like exercising somewhere inside my brain... crazy, I know. Sadly I had forgotten my ipod at home (and just in case you were wondering, it is Miserable to work out without some hopping tunes to keep you going). I was also famished! And I had the biggest headache I've ever had in my life. It's true. But, I'm a trooper! Cause I still went and had me a work out. Any. . . for some reason I felt as though it were pertinent that I shared that with you. There you have it.    

Monday, March 28, 2011

Marvelous Monday

Monday deserves a nice word every now and then. So here are a few nice things about today:

1. I survived being observed my the assistant principal this morning. whew.
2. I didn't faint during my video lesson (the one where I have to record myself teaching a whole long lesson).
3. The video camera that my friend lent to me didn't break down and die on me (a fact that I really and truly appreciate).
4. Adverbs are all in the past now . . . well, not really, but kind of. Plus, I rather like them.
5. I saw the hubs and we got to eat dinner together tonight, it was nice to chat and chill with him.
6. The pup and I went on a nice little stroll this afternoon, and it was only a little cold.

See, Mondays can be nice days. I'm not saying they're my favorite, but they can be nice . . . once you are out of bed and on your way. The getting out of bed it the dreadful bit of Monday.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Starbucks Stop

This week seemed to last forever. I don't really know why the days kept going and going and why Friday never came around. But it (Friday) is finally here. Thank the Lord! Today not only marks Friday, but it also marks the third full solo week of my student teaching experience. I only have one more full solo week to go and then some more teaching here and there, but not sole responsibility of the kiddos. Which is nice.

Today I felt particularly exhausted on the way home and kept thinking and dreaming about plopping down on my couch or bed and passing out for the next ten hours. Then I thought about how cold it was (it was freezing outside) and then that got me to thinking about how something yummy to sip on would be delightful. And since I knew I was going to be going right past a Starbucks on my way home I debated in my mind about wether or not I should stop and get myself a drink. I decided that since I have been driving right by Starbucks every day for the past three months and have never pulled over to get myself a little treat before and I was super tired and drained I would get a treat. So I did. 

Can you say White Chocolate Raspberry Mocha? 

Heaven (sing song voice). 

It was such a nice little treat and it was so nice, calming, and relaxing to sit and sip my yummy delight away. It was the perfect way to end the week. 

I know I'm dreaming, but it would be pretty amazing if I could stop by Starbucks every day on my way home from work. Oh, how I would love that. If you have the luxury and are able to frequent Starbucks, I am eternally envious of you. Just sayin'. 

Happy Friday!    

Thursday, March 24, 2011

the hubs' happy birthday

The hubs had his birthday. He is officially old. kehehe. Not really. And I really can't say that because I am just as old. I am ancient. ugh.

Anyway... It was a lovely time. We had to celebrate his birthday a day early though because he had a basketball game on his actual birthday. The hubs didn't mind celebrating early. But I felt like he was getting gypped. But we're different like that. He isn't as big on celebrating birthdays and holidays as I am. I like to make a big deal of a birthday, I think it's fun and special. If I get a package or letter in the mail around my birthday or Christmas time I wait until my actual birthday or Christmas to open it. I like opening things all together. The hubs likes to draw things out and can make one day last many and doesn't care if the actual day is a big woop-dee-doo or not. I like the big woop-dee-doo. I think it's good the hubs has me to make the one day even more special and amazing. Just sayin'.

So we celebrated. ...I did make him wait to open his birthday presents on his actually birthday though. He can't cheat like that around me!

The Happy Birthday Strawberry Cake

A birthday is not a birthday without candles. 


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring is Springing

I love Spring. I especially love seeing this when I walk outside my door...

I just wish these trees would stay pretty and white all year long. 

I also love seeing this little pretty every time I walk outside my door... 

This little pretty popped up out of nowhere (or you could say it popped up out of the ground, I suppose) anyway. It popped up and it's only on one side of the steps going up to our front door. It Kills me that there is not one on the other side. I like symmetry. And this little loner flower has no pretty buddy on the other side of the steps. 

I suppose there is an easy solution for that, I could plant one. But where is the fun in that? I like the pretty surprises that come popping up out of the ground (if it's a pretty thing like this that is). Planting and planning for them takes the surprise out that! 

So I will be thankful for this one little pretty. I love it so. And it might be why I love Spring so much. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Snipping Weekend

First, I must say Happy Birthday Hubs! I love you and think you are swell : ) 

Next, since I am sure you are all dying to find out what I did this weekend and I neglected to dish about it yesterday or the day before, I will tell you. It was a thrilling time. Your life really will be complete after you know what I was up to on Saturday and Sunday. Aren't you glad you're about to find out what you've been missing out on for so long? [note the sarcasm]

I got my hair snipped. It's true. I did. Crazy, I know. But it (my hair) has been driving me bonkers for about 124 days now. I've been sick, sick, sick of it. It has been looking like so . . . long and limp, very heavy and annoying.  

I've just been wanting to chop it all off. Like so.

But . . . the hubs really doesn't like me very much when I have short hair. Sad, but true. Well, he does, but he just likes me more when my hair is long. And since I am so nice and considerate of others feelings I made a compromise and only cut a little bit. 

So there you have it. My exciting Saturday (which is pretty much the only weekend I have). Oh, the simple joys and pleasures.  

Monday, March 21, 2011

So Exciting!

This week is chalk full (that is an expression, right?) of excitement! Don't you want to know all about it?! I'm sure you do. And that's why I'm going to elaborate and give you the juicy details.

First. Today. It's my Mummy's birthday. Very very Happy Birthday to you, Mummy! I would bake you an Angel Food Cake if you were here or I were there. But you are not and I am not. And I would ice it with pink icing for you. Or top it with strawberries. Whatever your preference would be. But that will have to wait another ... two years? Sad you will have to wait that long to get some scrumptious birthday cake. I'll just set it out on the counter waiting for you. ha. I suppose I could just make one for myself and eat it all by myself ... but that's probably not a good idea. No. It's far better to be enjoyed by oodles and boodles of people. But still, Happy Day to you : ) Thanks for being a wonderful mother and role model.

Next. Tomorrow. It's my Hubs' birthday. I Know! Two birthdays in two days?! Craziness I tell you! Crazy. Or not. That's just how it is. But it does make for remembering all the better. I won't wish the hubs a happy birthday, not yet. That'll just have to wait, till tomorrow. But you know, I wanted to share the excitement that's goin' on around these parts. Pretty crazy, right?

Then... that's it. But I am excited about the hubs' birthday dinner. I've fixed an A-mazing strawberry loaf. I will post a picture or two after it is ready for the birthday desert. Be excited. Seriously. And come over if you want to enjoy some with us. Again, seriously. There is plenty.

Anyway. That's about it. For today.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Magic Gummies

I drive home from school every day. Obviously. I kind of have to if I want to leave. And I do. Not that I don't love being there, I do. But it is always nice to go home no matter where you are going home from. So I drive. It's about a 25 minute drive from school to my house. Not too shabby. And the drive is nice and calm. It's all in the country and back roads. There is no traffic. Unless of course you consider getting stuck behind a tractor going 80 below the speed limit for 13.1 miles traffic. Some might. I just call it getting stuck behind a tractor. Anyhow, like I was saying, I drive home. Lately I have been forgetting these drives though. Let me tell you...

Half of the time I get home and think to myself, "huh, I really don't remember anything about the drive home." or, "Did I really already turn at the one light I go past on the way home?" I have a feeling that not remembering anything about the ride home is not a good thing. But eh... what can ya do? I mean, how do you keep your eyes open when you are driving home in the middle of the afternoon? Sadly I found a remedy for that problem...    

Note the empty bag... yep. 

Yes, That's right. Goofy's Candy Co. from Disney. Ah-mazing. I mean, I love gummy bears, and gummy worms, and gummy bees, and pretty much Anything gummy. love love love. In fact. It's a great weakness of mine. Such a weakness that I have to avoid my delicious gummy delights at all costs. When I'm in the grocery store I have to dash right past the gummy part of the candy isle. The other day I got stuck right in front of the ever so wide selection of gummy goodnesses. I'm not really sure how I got stuck there (at least the forgetting of things doesn't only happen when I'm driving : ) but I was. I must have stood right in front of those gummy bears for an hour. At one point I vividly remember picking up a bag of the yummy gummies. One bag even made it into the cart. For a whole 23 seconds. Then I shoved the package of gummies back on the shelf and ran away. Really. I ran. I'm sure that was a sight.

... so anyway, since I am so in love with gummies I don't eat them. For two reasons:
1. The dentist told me they were bad for my teeth
2. If I eat too many I will get chubby, and I don't want to be any chubbier than I already am.
  - yes. I am shallow.

I didn't eat them until I went to Disney World that is. That means that I went a whole 20 months without munching off any gummy bear ears or toes. At every Disney store we went into the little Goofy bag was calling my name. I always looked admiringly. But never bought any. Then C~ saw me looking at them... and walking around the store with them. For an hour. When we were leaving the store he asked where my candy went. And learned that I put them back. And then he bought them for me. He knew I really wanted them but that I would never buy them. The hubs knew this was just like me and rolled his blue eyes with a laugh.

I have enjoyed my little gummies so much though. Thank you Disney World and thank you C~.

Anyway. I was saving these candies for the perfect time. As I was nodding off to sleep on the drive home one day, I discovered that the perfect time to eat the candies would be right then. And I ate the whole bag. On the drive home. Or in a week. Same thing really. And there is no Disney World in Kentucky. So I can't get any more. That's probably for the best though.

I am saving the bag to replenish my gummy supply. I'm not sure when that will be... Maybe in a day, maybe in a year.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

gave it up

Well, shoot fire. It's already Wednesday. That means a lot of things... but I won't get started on all of those today. No.

So, I find this a little bit funny and interesting kind of. I gave something up for Lent this year. That's not the funny part. Though if you wanted it to be I suppose you could make it to be. Up to you really. Anyhow. I gave something up with the intention of spending more time doing the things that I never get done: like dishes, tidying up the house, and my quiet time. It was my hope and goal that when I gave this certain thing up for Lent I would have way more time for other more important things, like the above mentioned. However somehow at exactly the same time I gave up my thing (which if you would really like to know is Facebook) I started becoming slightly (and only slightly...) more obsessed with blogs. Reading, writing, and making new friends... Um. I think I'm not doing the whole giving something up thing right. Or, I have (because I haven't been on Facebook for a week) I have just neglected to fill it with the other important things, like what I said before. Now I just get home from school, play with the puppy, and read a few blogs instead of doing the other wonderful and great things I should be doing.

Am I trying to guilt myself into getting on with life? Or spending my time more wisely? Perhaps. Even if I'm not. I ought to. Be guilting myself to get on with life that is. Like, there is this video project I have to do... and well, I really need to do it, I am just really lacking the motivation at the moment. It's a problem.  

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

... and I left out number 3

Right... number 3.

3. A trip to the Maya Rivera with the hubs. Also known as a honeymoon. I loved spending all day on the beach, basking in the sunshine. I loved eating anything and everything when ever I wanted to, thank you all-inclusive. I loved spending time with my new hubs after not seeing him at all for 16 weeks. I loved it.

pure bliss.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Five Favorite Moments

Today I was day dreaming a little bit. And somehow my daydreams turned to favorite moments in my recent life. Not that there aren't best memories from younger years. There are, but I was just thinking about some recent ones today.

These are in no particular order.

1. The day the hubs purposed. When he asked me to marry him I was so excited I could not stop smiling. A smile was glued to my face for days after. Ridiculous? I think not. Then when I was thinking about when the hubs purposed today I just got giddy all over. I was so excited then to know that I would get to spend my days with my very best friend. Cheesy. I know. But true.

2. The day I got hitched. Or we, I should say. Beautiful dress. Sweet shoes. Family. Friends. My new hubs. What makes for a better day than that? I think nothing.

4. Davis. Now, this isn't one particular day or event. It is a chunk of 8 weeks. The hubs had to do a work rotation out in Davis, California. Thankfully I was unemployed so I was able to go with him. That's not to say I was doing nothing, I was a student (as I still am) and took five classes while we were out there. Everything about Davis was (is) just amazing. And I loved it. It's actually when I really started blogging. I have some fond memories about bicycles and frozen yogurt and just life in general. It was simple and fresh. I would move back in a heart beat. It was the perfect adventure.  

(And yes I know this is in San Francisco, but it is one of the many places we got to go adventuring while we were in Davis) 

5. Crossing the Finish Line. That's right. The Princess 1/2. All of the above mentioned things are wonderful memories. But this would probably have to be one of the most rewarding moments of my life. Crossing that finish line was exhilarating. The aches and pains and sore legs that followed for days was just a reminder (good and happy ones) of what I had accomplished.

Today these are the things that keep me smiling.  

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Welcome Saturday

Saturday Morning Scene

So, I've noticed loads of people doing this, like MrsAshCake which obviously means it's the cool thing to do. Right? Of course. And since I am oh so cool (...right...) I am going to follow suit : ) 

While not necessarily exciting, this is what I am doing today... or better yet, what is waiting for me. 

Oh, yes, that is right, laundry. And this is only half of it. I love laundry.
Actually, I really do enjoy doing laundry. I'm just having a little battle with it right now. You know, since I've actually started being busy and at school all day every day it's been tricky to stay on top of. But that is why I have today: to conquer my mountain (literally). 

Oh, and also. It is B-e-a-utiful this morning! So much so that we are going to take the puppy to the park. He Loves the park. So do I. We are also going so I can run. Yes, that's right. I said run. Amazed that I'm running so soon after my 1/2? You should be :D  I ran the other day too. Three miles. I feel like now that I know I can run 13.1 miles, running three miles is nothing. It's a breeze. Though, I suppose if I want to keep the breezy feeling of, "Oh, it's just three miles!" I will have to keep running regularly. bummer. I find great motivation when I have invested a large chunk of dough. Which is exactly what happened with the 1/2. You couldn't have paid me to run one mile before I signed up for the Princess 1/2, but after I was registered for it, you couldn't get me to stop running. Crazy how much money influences my level of activeness.  

... and I am beginning to notice that I am talking about my puppy and laundry entirely too much. I apologize. I just can't help it, they have both found a way to take over my sad little life. Which is sad in itself. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

his creation...

The other night the hubs was out and about and I was stuck in class. Which really means I was stuck upstairs glued to the computer, as it is an online class. Anyhow, the puppy was downstairs and I was not. When I left him he was being all sweet and cuddly. I knew it would be safe to leave him downstairs because around this time of the night that puppy is calm and up to no mischief. I checked on him periodically by looking over the banister. He was being a sweetie.

Then... after being in class for a little while I thought it was about time to check on the puppy. And this is what I found:

o. good. gracious.
and yes, I did take the time to take a picture of his creation.

Let me just tell you, he has never done anything quite this elaborately before. ... well, there was that one time he snuck into the laundry basket and grabbed something he should have not and completely destroyed it. I have never seen underwear in so mutilated and in so many pieces before. Oh, puppy... oh, my.

But I love him because he is sweet and cuddly the other 98% of the time. Plus, he is perfect company. Really, if you got to know if you would love him too. This is probably giving some of you a terrible perception of our sweet little puppy (note the word puppy: puppies do this kind of thing, not grown up puppies). But he really is wonderful and sweet and adorable, see?

and there is even laundry right next to his little head. Now, that's a good puppy.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Baking Home

Baking is glorious and relaxing. I could bake anything on any day. Send a recipe my way and I will bake it up and show the results or test it out for you. Sadly though, I haven't had much time for baking lately. School, homework, and even laundry take priority over baking. However, today we had a few spotty bananas and the hubs has been asking for a little while if I would please be able to make some banana bread soon. So I did. This baking bread time was wonderful and glorious, and I was soaking in every minute of it, especially because I was well aware of the fact that it would mean I would be staying up a little bit later than I would like because I was doing something for pleasure.

So I pulled out the fork and mashed up some bananas, added some sugar and flour and popped two loaf pans into the oven. Oh, the warm and welcoming aroma that filled house... That might be one reason I love baking so much. It makes a house feel like a home. Especially on a rainy afternoon. After 50 minutes of waiting I was happy to enjoy some banana bread. Come over and I will share some with you!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

what am I doing?

Life is back to normal. Well, maybe... is there really ever a normal? I think not. Or, there might be. But just not for me. I feel like normal is always changing. Though thankfully I think a little routine is beginning to emerge. Who knows though. And really, a routine? I'm not sure I am capable of this. Not true, I am, I just have been lacking one for some time now.

Anyhow. Life is life. I wake up very early in the morning and begin my day with breakfast.

I Love breakfast. Who doesn't though? It's only The Best Meal of the day! I mean, think about all of the deliciosity (yes that is a word, but don't look it up :) that comes along with breakfast. Off the top of my head: pancakes: blueberry, chocolate chip, buttermilk, banana... waffles, crepes, muffins, oatmeal, eggs, biscuits, fruit, yogurt, cereal, toast, French toast... and those are just a few. Anyhow, can you not see how incredible breakfast is? Sad to admit that my typical week day breakfast usually consists of a bowl of cereal and maybe an English Muffin. A shame really considering all of the elaborate and delicious choices out there for me.

I'm at school now, all day, every day as a student teacher. It's pretty nice. I get to be a teacher and a student at the same time, so I have the responsibility of both. Learning much? Busy much? Stressed much? To say yes would be an understatement. So anyhow, this is what I do. This is what fills my days.

As I was taking a break from homework and school (some refer to it as procrastinating) this afternoon, I was reading a post by a new blog friend (I'm allowed to say that because that's what blogging people say about people they have never met but still know because they read all about them in their blog) of mine over at Story of My Life I got to thinking about the purpose of this here little blog. What am I trying to do? Unburden my life through words? Eh, maybe. Retell the events of my day? Not really, but I find myself doing it just the same. Tell an amusing story? Yes. I like to think I do. On occasion at least. Impart my worldly wisdom? Most certainly :D So anyways. I'm a thinkin'. Purpose. What is it? Apparently it's a good thing to have. But then again, maybe the purpose of this blog is just like the purpose of my life, of which I am not sure.

But for today the purpose will be to impart a few words of wisdom. From my brain to yours: Sometimes it is best to ignore a nippy puppy, and sometimes it can be detrimental.

Monday, March 7, 2011

then we walked some more

Since I'm on this big Disney kick, and I'm having fun posting pictures, I'm going to continue with the rest of our trip. Keep in mind my broken legs and feet were still broken as we went toured Disney World.

We saw a Magical Parade the night after our big run...

And the Amazing fireworks at the Castle (that I ran through that morning).

The next morning we went to Animal Kingdom and met Thumper. What a treat : )

We also met Daisy Duck. She was very nice.

And then of course Donald Duck.

It was pretty wonderful. I ran my run and didn't die. I also got to hobble around Disney World with the Hubs, Sis, and C~. Then I bid farewell to my loverly faithful and painful shoes... till we meet again...

Friday, March 4, 2011

After the 1/2

Like I said earlier, I broke both of my feet and legs while running the 1/2. No one believed me though, so they dragged me along on crazy adventures. All of these adventures involved standing and walking for extensive periods of time.

Note how I am standing... more like leaning on the hubs for support since as you can clearly see my legs are broken.

As you can see from the picture below my feet really and truly are quite broken. Do you see how fat and puffy and purple they are? Seriously. Also, I have black toenails. For this very reason I went out and bough some nail polish to cover up the ugly nasty blackness on my toes. Though, I hear that makes me a true and real live runner.... you know, that's just what I am. I am a runner. ha. Though I will have to say, the warm sand felt pretty glorious after the 1/2... even though I was standing on my broken legs.

The hubs, and C~ decided to go out and explore Disney World after our quick visit to the beach. So we did. Unfortunately, I never got the wheel chair or crutches I requested. As hubs, C~, and even at times Sis, were walking 100 miles an hour I was lagging far far behind, hobbling as quickly as I possibly could to keep up with them. At one point I ran to catch up. Although, the run wasn't so running like. My legs buckled under and gave out. Oh gracious. After that I stuck to my hobble. Although it was slow, it worked and it took me places ... all of the same places I had run past not even eight hours prior. Like...


But hey, at least no more damage was done to my already broken legs : ) Seriously though, it was a fun time

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Princess 1/2 part 2

The big morning arrived. Bright and early. Or maybe I should say dark and early, cause that's pretty much what it was. Dark. And Incredibly early. Like 3:45 or something ridiculous like that. Thankfully the sis and I were prepared. We had already pinned the bibs on our running shirts and had our whole running outfit laid out and waiting. I didn't really mean to, or maybe I did, either way I did... break the cardinal running a marathon rule: don't wear anything new on the day of the big run. Well, I did. It was new to me, except the shoes of course. But I couldn't resist, Sis has the absolute coolest and cutest clothes ever on the face of the planet, even for running. So she brought some awesomeness for me to borrow. So sweet she is. Anyhow. We were ready to concur the world. As is evident by the following photographs:

Up and ready to run, run, run, run, and run some more...

At the big event! Right before we ditched the hubs and C~ to start. Personally, I love the tiaras but the entire ensemble was pretty awesome too.

After this we walked about ten miles to get to the starting line at which point we began the 13.1 mile trek across Disney World. That's right. We were so amazing they set fireworks off for us when we started. It was pretty awesome.

Then we ran. At lighting speed.

With lots of princesses.

With big bright smiles plastered across our faces.

I think it would be safe to say I only broke my left and right foot, right and left legs. Thankfully this didn't happen until mile 11 so I only had to crawl towards the finish line for 3 miles, not too bad, I mean, it could have been 13 miles of crawling and dragging myself. But it wasn't.

So we ran. A lot. And it was ... fun. Running was fun. Running the Princess 1/2 was fun. Yes. I said it. I said fun and run in the same sentence. On purpose. How about that?

If I were a super crazy ... like some of these:
(I think you know who I am talking about) I could have stopped to have my photo taken with some awesome and sweet characters like: Captain Jack Sparrow, Aladdin, Tarzan, Belle and Geston, Alice, the Fairy Godmothers... and a thousand others. Well, really, if I had carried a camera with me the whole 13.1 miles I could have done that. But I didn't. I decided to look and smile instead of stand all nasty sweaty like next to some really hott Prince. ya know... priorities.

One thing I did like about the 1/2 was all of the cheerleaders (spectators along the course cheering us on) and the entertainment along the way. These guys were pretty cool. I got to listen for a whole .59 seconds, that's how fast I was :D
But seriously, it was pretty awesome. I would have died if there had been nothing to look at or distract me along the way. I also had a pretty awesome Sis, we ran together pretty much the whole time. Running with her made it fun.

Anyhow. I ran. I finished. It was fun. See, I'm happy and smiling.

I got a medal. And finished with my tiara in place.
This is the after picture, and yes, I am smiling a real smile.
I was quite pleased and tickled with myself for running in a 1/2. Who knows, maybe I will do it again some day... but probably only for a 1/2 I can wear a tiara in and be considered underdressed : )

There is more I can and will share about my grand adventure, like what happened after the run. But that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Now, please leave a comment. If ran a 1/2, you can leave a comment, or at least start following me : ) Or both. Preferably. That would be nice. I would like to know who is reading me.

Also, I promise to start posting regularly again, things have kind of settled down a little so keep your eyes peeled for future awesomeness :D