Thursday, April 28, 2011

stationary beauties

I L-O-V-E stationary. It is one of my great weaknesses. I cannot pass up a good stationary isle or store. I have a box full of different cards and notes and other such goodness. Not only do I admire the stationary, I actually buy some of it. Sometimes. Like, when it's on clearance or there are a bunch of cute cards for only one dollar. Michael's usually has some cute cheap cards ripe for the pickin'. But not always. It's a hit and miss really. Especially for me as I don't frequent Michael's as much as I do other stores. Like Target. 

Target is amazing. Obviously. But don't worry, I'm only a little a lot infatuated with the store. Nothing unhealthy or anything. 

Anyhow, Target is known for having some of the best stuff around. Even in the stationary department. They also have some pretty wonderful clearance items. I'm attracted to the end of the isles where they pile up all of the clearance goodies. A few weeks ago I was out and about looking for a notebook. Not just any notebook, a special notebook. A special notebook for a special someone. But I can't really spill the juicy details of that just yet. Don't ask why. Just be patient and I'll let you know the big secret in a few weeks :D . . . and no. it is not what you are thinking. Promise. Don't even ask. 

Back to the story. This notebook needed to be prefect. It had to look just right. Lucky for me I happened to be in the right place at the right time : ) because I stumbled across these little beauties . . . 

. . . on clearance . . . 

Now, they weren't the look I was going for, but I figured, since I thought they were adorable and looked like me, they would be perfect for helping me accomplish my task. And they absolutely are. I only needed one little notebook. Problem was, they were sold in packs of three, respectively. Big problem, I know. . . . I didn't need two extra notebooks. But they were all so stinkin' wonderful. Why would I get two packs of notebooks when I really only needed one tiny one? Why was I even thinking about getting more than one darling little pack of notebooks? um. because they were irresistibly adorable. and because I liked both (all) colors and designs. And somehow I decided I needed them. So I got them. All. Granted, they were on mucho clearance, so Obviously it was no big deal :D 

Lucky for me, I was in luck again. You see, they not only had the most adorable little notebooks on sale . . . they had the cutest cards too! ah! I. was. going. to. Die. And the best part? They were on clearance too. Obviously, the smart thing for me to do was to snatch them all up before anyone else could come and steal away the cuteness I was about to enjoy. So I did. Well, the best ones at least. 

I got the two beauties on the bottom (the pretty leaves, stripes, flowers, and the little birdie - which I adore).

I didn't even feel remotely bad about getting these cards because, as it just so happened, I had just used up my very last card and had no more wonderful stationary to write notes on any more. Now, I'm just trying to ration out the cuteness of the cards, I can't use them all up right a way . . . I've got to make every one count. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

pretty rain

I love rainy days. There is just something about them that calms and relaxes me. This may have something to do with the fact that the first home I remember was in the Seattle, Washington area, where it rains. A lot. Gray, overcast days greeted me in the morning and in the afternoon. My second home had two seasons: wet and dry. Guess what it did a lot in the wet season? yep. It rained. A lot. As in every day. And I loved it. I loved our tin house (really, we lived in a tin house) and waking up to the sound of rain pelting on the tin roof above my head. I loved making cookies in the kitchen and looking out the window to see rain falling outside. I loved reading a book to the sound of sweet rain. I also loved running and playing in the rain. oh, it was glorious. My favorite was falling asleep to the sound of rain stepping on the tin roof over my head. The peaceful days of rain. 

Rainy days are wonderful, glorious days. Rainy, cloudy, overcast, gray days are perfect. 

Not that I don't like sunshine. Cause I do. I love it. But there is just something about those rainy days that I have a special love for. 

I say this because it has been raining here for the past week and it's supposed to keep on raining and storming and tornado-ing (which I am not such a fan of) for the next few days. Everyone at school is sick of it. I believe that's why I'm there. To show them the good in the rain : ) 

Anyhoot. I hope you all had a marvelous Easter! I got to celebrate the day with Hubs' family. It was loverly. 


Friday, April 22, 2011

the end is near

The end of my semester is coming to a speedy close. This coming week will be my last full week of school. Crazy. I only have seven  more days and then I am done. Forever. Praise the Lord!

As the end is near there are a few things I have yet to do. First, I have to teach my last solo week next week. I have planned and planned and chatted with my teacher about this and feel as though I am ready. I feel a lot more prepared and ten thousand times less anxious about it than the first week. Okay. I can't say I'm more prepared than that first week. Equally prepared. But less nervous? Yes. I am excited to be done with my career as a student and move on to my career as a teacher.

The kids found out today that next week is my last full week. They complained and asked why. It was sweet of them. I don't care if they really meant it or not, I'm pretending like they will all miss me like crazy. I like to pretend. A few of them have been asking me if I'm going to the Bell. It's a field trip/boat ride/nice end of year thing for the 8th graders. When I tell them I'm not sure and probably not, they get sad and try to convince me I should go. Who knows. We'll see. Maybe I will. Or not. I'm sure if I go I'll tell you : )

These little guys (okay. not little. that's a lie. pretty much all of my students are as big if not bigger than me), big guys, have found a special little place in my heart and I will be sad to say good bye on the Tuesday after this coming one. They make me laugh, roll my eyes, grumble, and worry more than I thought they could. They are sweethearts and I will miss seeing them every day. I'm trying to think up a little treat/gift to give them when I leave. Something they would like and would use. I'm practical, I can't help it. Pencils aren't lame, right? I mean, I wouldn't think so. Plus, pencils are something these guys use and loose every single day. A day has not gone by without at least a dozen students asking for a pencil. good. gravy. So, pencils, pens, erasers? I'm thinking something of the sort. If you are an 8th grader, would you think that was a lame gift? just wondering.

Also. Right along with that. I have had the Best Supervising Teacher in the world. I have been blessed to know her and learn from her. She is a wonderful teacher and mentor. I think I would have died without her. Really. I do. Or at least bawled my eyes out and passed out once a week. But thankfully she was wonderful and none of those terrible things happened to me. Now the question is: what gift would be fitting to get for her? Something nice. What suggestions do you have o wise teachers?

And the sky is black. And it's only 5:13. And it's not winter. It is incredibly unnerving and eerie. On the weather picture thingy it shows a picture of a tornado if there's supposed to be a tornado, right? Good. Just checkin. But that's nothing to do with anything. Just a little random note to leave you with : )

Thursday, April 21, 2011

a little story

In an attempt to liven up next weeks lessons a little bit I decided to start at the beginning. With the flashbacks (the review that happens at the beginning of class). So I wrote a little story. If nothing else it was amusing to me and made planning this bit of the lesson more enjoyable. The kids will probably be like, "Oh, this is so laaaaame." eh. who cares about the kids? ; )

Lovely Princess Pea was rudely kidnapped by the nefarious snail one pleasantly perfect afternoon and was locked away in the tower beyond the orchard and past the moat.

Chipper Chaucer went around the orchard so he could jump over the moat to scale the tall tower to save Princess Pea from the nefarious snail.

Princess Pea had been incessantly crying for five whole hours when Chipper Chaucer bounded through the secret passage way to save her. Princess Pea felt as though she could have jumped joyfully for days.

Upon escaping from the castle tower Chipper Chaucer professed his undying love for split pea soup. Princess Pea eagerly accompanied him to Soup Land for a scrumptious bowl of steamy soup.

After a fairly satisfying bowl of split pea soup Chipper Chaucer sadly stated it was to be his last. Princess Pea morbidly mourned the sorrowful news and tearfully collapsed into a heap on the soft green grass.

The End.



Can you find the complete noun in the first bit?

Or the impostors in the second bit?

What about the complete verb in the third one?

Or the adjectives in the fourth?

Do you see any adverbs in the last one?

I'm sure you do, cause you are geniuses.

Happy Grammaring : )

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

missed it

Last night there was a tornado.

I didn't know it until the morning though.

yep. That's right. I slept right through a tornado.

ok. well, not exactly a tornado . . . but a tornado warning.

Which is pretty much the same thing.

And there I was. Sleeping. In my bed.


And I didn't hear the tornado siren scream in the dead of the night.

No. I heard nothing.

I have a feeling that's a bad thing.

At school this morning everyone was complaining about how tired they were.

My question to them was: Why the heck are all of you soooo sleepy? Whadaya All do last night to make you that makes you gripe about lack of sleep.

Oh. There was a tornado warning.


And I was supposed to be in my nonexistent basement.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

short and little

This weekend was busy, busy, busy. More specifically, Saturday was busy. I woke up, and started workin right away. I didn't stop until 12:30. And no, I did not wake up at noon. So it really was a pretty full day. Full of work. But man, oh, man. Did I feel productive. I kind of had to be. And I was. Stuff got done. Now, pretty much all I have left of school is one more solo week of teaching and one more observation.

Sunday I chilled. So much so, that I didn't even put one little load of laundry in to be washed. opps. eh. Oh well. It was nice and the feeling of relief over me is so wonderfully peaceful. I only have one and a half more weeks of student teaching left. Crazy. Then I'll be a real teacher. Well, if someone hires me that is. That and if I pass. I'm hoping and praying for the good outcome of both : ) 

Also, I haven't done anything terrible exciting lately. It's sad really. But I plan on some excitement soon. Don't worry. I know there will be upcoming excitement because school is almost done which means I will soon have oodles and boodles of time to bake and cook and sew and be crafty. It's gonna be awesome. You aren't gonna know what to do with yourself when you see all the crazy awesome things I'll me doing. 

Anywhoo. I just wanted to say hey. And to get my creative writing juices flowing again. My brain is in a swampy mood at the moment and I'm trying to get it out of there.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

it went a little like this...

Last week I talked about how much homework I had to do and how I was going to try setting a timer to get it done. I also mentioned that I got nothing done but that was okay because there is always another day to do what you didn't get done that day. I am pleased to announce and share with you that my timer Friday was uber successful. If you are having troubles staying on track or needing a little motivational helper, I highly suggest using a timer. Really. Truly. You should try it some time :D And I may have mentioned that I would be kicking myself in a week for not being more dedicated by working on it full speed over Spring Break. Well, here I am, a week after Spring Break is over working like a chicken with no head to get everything done. At least I know myself well : ) I must admit although I hate that I have so much to do, I feel incredibly productive with my past few days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Today I've been on a roll. You should see all of the assignments I have submitted, worked on, and snazzed up over the past four days (counting today : ) You would be impressed. So true. It's like I was saying, the more I have to do and the busier my schedule is, the more I get done. But when I have all day long to get everything done, nothing gets done. Well, at least not the important stuff. Like school. The fun stuff like cooking, baking, cleaning, and playing with the puppy get done. Just not the stuff that is going to allow me to graduate in 3 1/2 weeks! ah! That and the fact that the hubs has been livin' it up at Disney World with C~ without me.

Well, Disney World was just a perk. He had to go to a leadership conference that the boss of his boss of his boss wanted him to go to. Wow. I know. Hott stuff. It just so happened that this conference happened to be in a place I very much enjoy visiting and the week right after my Spring Break. Nice timing, huh? Ya. That's what I said. So all week the hubs and our good friend, C~, have been texting me pictures of Disney: the Castle, the fireworks show, posing with Mickey (Mickey! I don't even have my picture with Mickey!!). What sweethearts. Though, the whole time hubs kept telling me he really didn't care about it all and wished I could be there with him. And since I know he was being genuine, I appreciated the picture texts they sent my way. Anyhow... that was a little bunny trail for you. But I suppose I can do that, since this is after all, my little blog : ) kehehe.

But . . . speaking of graduation, I have gotten some incredibly lovely, sweet, and thoughtful cards and gifts in the mail. I was sooo surprised and knocked off my socks. Sweet Friends. Sweet Family. Thank you oodles and boodles. 

On another note it is almost Easter. I Love Easter. For many many reasons. 

1. Because Jesus is Alive! and that means I can be too : ) 
2. It's in the Spring Time! And I Love Spring. 
3. Because it brings back years of sweet memories of past Easters. 
4. Peeps. Need I say more?

Because of the last reason I decided I would share this little picture I stumbled across while taking a little break from my daily responsibilities. It just makes me happy. It's awesome and it makes me want to buy a bunch of Peeps so I can create my own little world with them. Why and how did I never think of this before?!  

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

summer project

Growing up I remember Mumsy having a stash of tablecloths for different occasions. I loved setting the table so I could pick a tablecloth for the table. She had oodles and boodles of pretty ones: blue, orange, red, green, flowers, stripes, checked, birthday, and Christmas to name a few of the many different ones she had (has) for me to choose from. We were always changing the tablecloth. It was great and something I loved doing. I feel like Mumsy's like of having a variety of tablecloths has been passed onto me. See, I like place mats. I love them.

When the hubs and I registered for wedding stuff I registered for place mats. If only I had realized at the time just how much I love them. Now that we have been married for a little bit we have one more set of place mats. They are very practical and nice red ones. They work for Christmas, and Valentine's Day. They are really, just very pretty. It's true. Anyhow, the other day I was at the store admiring some place mats. They were pretty with the perfect colors and flowers. I had to have them. So of course, I didn't buy them. But seeing the place mats has gotten me thinking about how simple and wonderful they are. Which is a reason I love them. 

It is interesting to compare my upbringing with tablecloths/table linens to the hubs'. My family was always switching it up. Something new and fun and different. Something to fit the mood or occasion. I loved it as a child which is another reason I think I have a desire to have a wide selection in my kitchen of place mats to choose from. Hubs on the other hand grew up with the same place mats all year round. Okay, I'm sure it wasn't the same ones for 23 years, but you know, they stayed the same throughout the months. Completely opposite of me. I think this is why Hubs thinks having two sets of place mats is more than enough for us. I beg to differ.

Which is why I have decided I am going to make some. I mean, how difficult can it be to sew a simple rectangle? I have a feeling if I'm able to sew a dress I will be able to dominate the place mat department. I sound like I'm doubting my sewing abilities. I'm not. I'm just getting excited about using my beloved sewing machine again. It's been far too long. The trouble is I just want to go get the fabric and start sewing right now. But I can't. I have to wait till all of this other "important" stuff is out of the way. But I am so very excited to have a project in store for this summer (three weeks away! ah! crazy!). Believe me when I say, you will be seeing mounds of fabric and place mats in the near future. I'm so excited! This gives me motivation to get workin on my homework. yikes!    

Monday, April 11, 2011


On and off for about the last 8 months I have been having troubles with my eyes. Most recently it's been more on than off though. Let me explain what troubles means . . . it means that my eyes (one or both) will randomly and very suddenly start to itch. And shortly thereafter start to burn. This burning itching feeling is shortly followed by the feeling of sand being stuck in my eye(s). Not on my eyelid, but in my eye. A burning itching sandy sensation that makes me want to claw my eyes out. Really, I have screamed at my eyes through my pain and tears while clawing at them to make it stop. It doesn't stop, and really, the screaming and clawing don't do a bit of good, but it's all I can think to do. To say it's painful would be the biggest understatement of the century. Some of these times I will be wearing my contacts which I will take out as soon as possible. It's really horrible when I'm not at home and this excruciatingly deplorable itchiness happens. I've started lugging my glasses and contact stuff around with me just because of it. Not too long ago the hubs and I went to see an Easter pageant and lo and behold guess what happened to me right at the start when I was trying to be nice and smile and meet a bunch of the hubs' friends? Yep, you guessed it, My eye attacked me. What a thoughtful eye I have. Thankfully about half way through the pageant and a very tomato-y red eye later it stopped eating my face off. I couldn't get up in the middle of the pageant and even if I could have I had forgotten my eye stuff at home. And because I am Blind without my glasses or contacts I couldn't just take them out and wait to get home. Nope. The thing is, you would think that taking the contacts out would lessen the horrible fire feeling in my eye, but no. It doesn't. It only makes it ten hundred times worse. Really. I am not exaggerating. There are times when I find myself sitting on the floor holding my eye (well, face, but you know . . .) with both hands and rocking back and forth it is that painful. It's true.

Then there are times when I'm not wearing my contacts and the same itch sneaks up on me. There is nothing I can do on those days. I've tried putting in eye drops, but that never helps. Believe me I've tried. All they it does is make it five hundred times worse. It is not a fun feeling, let me tell you. I was always told to never rub or scratch my eyes (apparently it's not very good to do since the skin around your eye is so thin, soft, and delicate). Well, I try to not scratch or rub my eyes. Have you ever tried not rubbing your eyes when you have a 2x4 stuck in there? I think not. I keep telling my eyes I'm sorry for ruining them, but I really really can't help it.

What's wrong with me? Why are my eyes doing this? Why is there always sand, planks, fire, itchiness in my eyes? Are my eyes broken? Have you ever had problems with your eyes? If you have a solution or idea that would make this misery stop, please pass it along.

And since I'm on the topic of misery and pain . . . I've been having Horrible headaches. They've been happening more and more frequently too. I'm starting to wonder if the two aren't somehow related. Maybe I have a brain tumor. Is that possible? I mean, I know it's possible to have a brain tumor . . . but humm . . . I never thought of that before. The two could be linked. I could have a tumor! Excuse me. I need to Google this.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Timer Friday

Yesterday I got to chat with one of my sisters. As sisters sometimes do we were complaining and gripping to each other. She had had a bad day, I had had an unproductive day. Pretty much the same kind of thing. Anyway. We were chatting away about how we need to be more disciplined. This is what I mean: The busier we are, the more we get done. The more time we have the less we get done. Sis said that her uncle put it this way: Time is like a sponge, it absorbs however much you have. So True! We agreed that we needed discipline to make ourselves get stuff done. For her it might be laundry, dishes, that kind of thing. For me it would be homework. If you couldn't already tell, I will do Anything and Everything before I touch my homework. Especially now it is incredibly unappealing to me for some reason. Who knows why.

It was at this point in the conversation we started talking about books we were reading, I mentioned I was reading A Woman's High Calling by Elizabeth George. Sis said she had read a book by her before, A Woman After God's Own Heart and that it sounded somewhat similar to the one I am currently reading. I've read it before too and it is a little bit the same, but there are differences in there too. Anyhow, Elizabeth George talks about timers. You know, the little kitchen timer that sits on your kitchen counter. She suggests using this timer for your day, to help you get your things done. When I read that before I thought, yea, maybe that could work. But I don't need a timer.

Well, guys (gals), I am going to do a timer experiment today. That's right. I've been so frustrated with myself about getting everything but something done (I think you know what I mean) and I just wish day after day that I would have enough self-discipline to stay on task and "git 'er done". Today is that day. I will be setting my timer for different amounts of time. When it dings I will have finished the first task. I'll set it again, and when it dings the second task will have to be done. And so on and so forth. The good thing about this timer of mine is that it only goes for an hour. So for every task I want to get done today I only have an hour to do it in. Nice. I will keep a close track and let you know how my timer day turns out. I am really hoping that this is a fruitful endeavor. And like right now, my timer just dinged so I must be off of here and on with the other stuff that awaits me.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fragrance Personality Quiz

Because I have been so incredibly dedicated in getting my homework done today (or because I haven't done a lick of it), I decided I would take a little break and post a fun little quiz for y'all (ha. I did it again. and I'm not justifying it, or am I?).

I was over at Bath & Body Works the other day and while I was there one of the sweet sales ladies shoved this little quiz in my hands. I took it and found it was a fun little activity. So, I hope you enjoy finding your Fragrance Personality, courtesy of Bath & Body Works.

1. Do you have a current favorite Bath & Body Works Fragrance? ______________

2. What ingredients do you love?
A. Amber & Woods
B. Florals
C. Citrus & Fruits
D. Vanilla & Musk

3. You want your fragrance to make you feel:
A. Daring & Sensual
B. Feminine & Flirty
C. Refreshed, Sporty & Clean
D. Warm & Cozy

4. You like to wear fragrance to:
A. Be noticed & express myself
B. Complete my look
C. Feel fresh & invigorated
D. Be at peace

5. What does "me-time" mean to you?
A. Hunting for a hot pair of stilettos
B. Treating myself to a bouquet of flowers
D. A brisk jog in the park
D. My tub overflowing with bubbles

6. How long do you like your fragrance to last?
A. Long-lasting all day
B. Lingers on my clothes in a subtle way
C. When I first put it on then it disappears
D. A few hours

7. What best describes your signature style?
A. Minis, skinny jeans, heels
B. Ruffles, bows, florals
C. Jeans & tees
D. Casual, cozy, cashmere

Wanna find out what your your Fragrance Personality is according to Bath & Body Works? I hope so!

. . . If you answered

Mostly As - You heart sexy fragrances: You are sexy, seductive and alluring. [uu la la!!]

Mostly Bs - You heart romantic fragrances: You are a hopeless romantic who loves the dreaminess of love's sweet spell. [I'm dreaming of my true love's kiss . . . ]

Mostly Cs - You heart fresh fragrances: You have a fresh and playful personality... always young at heart. [aahh]

Mostly Ds - You heart cuddly fragrances: You are a cuddler who's welcoming and warm. [There's no place like home, there's no place like home . . .]

[Note: I never in my life thought I would ever use the words: sexy, alluring, or seductive on this blog. Thanks, Bath & Body Works, thanks.]

So, what is your Fragrance Personality? Do share! To start things off I'll tell you mine. Since I answered mostly Cs, I heart fresh fragrances. I'm sure you can attest that I am very playful and fresh. Well, maybe you can't. I'm not exactly sure how to portray those adjectives. Playful? Fresh? How is someone fresh? I like to feel fresh. I like to smell fresh (both myself, my house, and just in general: I like to smell fresh things). Anyhoo.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I am proud to say that yesterday I got absolutely nothing accomplished. Okay, maybe not proud, but it happened and I'm just trying to make the best of it. And when I say nothing I really mean no school work. At about two in the afternoon I realized I had been staring at the computer screen for a few hours trying to get myself in the homework mode and it wasn't happening. Apparently my brain was not going to cooperate with me. So I got up and went about and did some other, more important (or amusing) things. Like read and wash the dishes. That means today I need to knock out a bunch of homeworks. But, that won't happen since the hubs has taken the day to be home and chill with me. I know it won't happen, I won't pretend like it won't. And that is why there is tomorrow :D

As I have been home the past few days I have had the chance to bond with my pup even more. The first day I was home I think I confused him a little when I came downstairs a few hours after the hubs left for work and let him out of his bed. I was a little worried he would be crazy and bonkers all day long since he didn't have to be cooped up all day long. No. He was chill. Mostly he laid on the couch looking out the window, napping on and off. I was folding laundry up stairs and he came up there to find me. After he was satisfied he plopped down right next to me and slept. He did the same thing when I moved to a different room. What a little sweetie.

Look at his cute little buns and legs : ) 

Living in the Bluegrass State I pride myself in the fact that I haven't picked up on the accent and twang that surrounds me daily. However I sometimes have the secret desire to say "y'all" and wish that I could say it without feeling funny, goofy, or unnatural. Cause really, it is a sweet little word. I say that because I have the urge to say, "y'all" right now. But I feel like I have to justify myself. So I did. And I will... I hope y'all have a wonderful Wednesday.  

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

a little of this. a little of that.

Today is designated for homework and polishing up some assignments that are going to be officially submitted in a little over week. It's a little bit crazy, that I'm almost done with this thing called school (well, the student part of it at least). The sad thing is that I really really really do not want to look at what I have to do to finish off my projects, let alone work on it. So, I'm procrastinating a little bit. Yesterday I was just sooo productive with getting the house all tidy and such that I feel like I should have a whole day off to chill, it is my spring break after all. I suppose that's irrelevant when I have stuff to do. huh. Motivation Fairy, where are you? Come and sprinkle me with your fairy dust so I will work work work and be done. All done. Almost.

This week I get to bake a few things. Like Banana Bread. Blueberry Streusel. Some cookies (maybe). For me, right now, that is baking a lot of things. This week is going to be awesome, when it comes to the baking bit of it.

Also, I'm fixing a brunch for the ladies in my Bible Study group on Saturday. I have a few ideas of things I'd like to make, but if you have any ingenious ideas and yummy recipes that you would like to share I would love to give them a try. I always love to try new breakfast foods.

Monday, April 4, 2011

April Tree

Today I got to stay home and get some stuff done around the house. It was nice. I feel accomplished. I got all of the laundry washed, folded, and put away. That's including the laundry from last week too. Big accomplishment, I know. I also cleaned all kinds of dirty places around my house. Which might sound like a dreary thing to do, but I quite enjoyed it. My house has been in need of a scrubbing for a little while now, it was about time. I'm happy to have that out of the way.

I did find one very exciting thing this morning while cleaning my bedroom . . .

That's right. A Christmas Tree. And yes, today is April 4th. Not even kidding you. This little guy has just been chilling on the dresser for three months. A little ridiculous. Every night I look at it and think, "I really need to put that thing away." And every morning I wake up and it's not put away. No, it's taken me far too long to put this little tree away. But now it is up and away. Oh, the pleasant little surprises that fill my day.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Graduation Gift Please?

Yesterday I went out and did my weekly grocery shopping trip. I normally go to the same store to get my shopping done, but some times I like to go to a different store. It really depends on my mood. Well, not really, but I do like to mix things up a bit. And since we have five different stores that sell groceries within five mile of our house I am able to go to which ever one I feel a fancy to go to. It's quite nice. I can pick from Kroger, Walmart, Meijer, Target, and 10 more Krogers that are right near by.

Anyhow. For some reason I decided that yesterday I wanted to go to Meijer and get the groceries for the week. My reasoning was sound: I hadn't been there in a long time and I just felt like it. I am a great one to reason. So true. Or maybe not. But you will never know : ) Now, if you don't know what Meijer is I will tell you: it's a very big store with everything you could ever want, need, or imagine, in it. Clothes, food, cleaning stuff, pet stuff, toys, office supplies . . . everything. Like a Super Walmart or Fred Meyer or some other such place. So I went on my merry way.

I have a tendency to walk around and look at things, admire them and wish I could keep them forever and ever. I don't. Buy them and keep them that is. But I still admire and wish I could. Maybe that's a bad thing. I don't know. But I do know that I did this yesterday. I walked around the entire store thinking how I loved that or how cute this was. But I kept on walking towards the food. As I was walking I passed the prettiest placemat I have seen in forever. And napkins. And napkin rings. These placemats had pretty red, orange, green, and pink flowers on it. They were so fresh, pretty, sweet, and perfect for adorning my table this Spring and Summer. Oh, how badly I wanted them. But I refrained. As I always do.

Then I stumbled across the cutest, the best, the most perfect set of dishes ever in the world. They were made for me. The colors were perfect and would complement my kitchen in the ideal way. I knew right then and there that I had to have them. Here's the problem though: I have some dishes already and the hubs would remind me of this and how we don't actually need them, that it is more of a strong desire. So sensible. But seriously, I need them. I'm thinking for graduation (which is 25 days away!). I mean, why not? I won't get to participate in the actual graduation ceremony (long and boring story about that) which would have cost around $375 if I had. But . . . I'm not. So right there I am saving us $375 dollars. Bam-a-ram. What's a little graduation gift of $60 dollars compared to that? Nothing! Right? You need to agree with me on this so I can tell the hubs I'm not the only one who thinks it the perfect reasoning. I mean, I've worked hard for that degree. 21 whole months of reading and writing and going to class and teaching and observing and learning . . . 21 months. And soon I will be done. I will have graduated my Masters of Teaching program and be a real certified teacher. And as a little graduation reward/gift/present all I ask for is a set of beautiful dishes? . . . and a job, but the hubs can't get me that. This is where the hubs might pipe in and say, "When you get a job, then you can get the dishes." But what kind of treat is that?

I suppose, I don't need new dishes. I don't need anything. And I don't need a treat or present for graduating, for earning my masters degree. I just really want it. Plus, when the hubs was finishing up his Masters degree we went to Sea World. Sea World. That is more than $60, let me tell you. And no, I don't think everything needs to be fair . . . heh. Or maybe I do.

Regardless, I will stop from my ramblings right now and let you get on with your important activities. And to give you an idea of just how adorable and perfect the dishes I came across yesterday were I will leave you with this:

(note: these are very nearly the dishes I have picked out in my head. Sadly, there was no picture online to share with you, I will have to wait to do that when I get my new dishes. But they pretty much look like these beauties)

Cheers! Have a happy Sunday!