Thursday, April 28, 2011

stationary beauties

I L-O-V-E stationary. It is one of my great weaknesses. I cannot pass up a good stationary isle or store. I have a box full of different cards and notes and other such goodness. Not only do I admire the stationary, I actually buy some of it. Sometimes. Like, when it's on clearance or there are a bunch of cute cards for only one dollar. Michael's usually has some cute cheap cards ripe for the pickin'. But not always. It's a hit and miss really. Especially for me as I don't frequent Michael's as much as I do other stores. Like Target. 

Target is amazing. Obviously. But don't worry, I'm only a little a lot infatuated with the store. Nothing unhealthy or anything. 

Anyhow, Target is known for having some of the best stuff around. Even in the stationary department. They also have some pretty wonderful clearance items. I'm attracted to the end of the isles where they pile up all of the clearance goodies. A few weeks ago I was out and about looking for a notebook. Not just any notebook, a special notebook. A special notebook for a special someone. But I can't really spill the juicy details of that just yet. Don't ask why. Just be patient and I'll let you know the big secret in a few weeks :D . . . and no. it is not what you are thinking. Promise. Don't even ask. 

Back to the story. This notebook needed to be prefect. It had to look just right. Lucky for me I happened to be in the right place at the right time : ) because I stumbled across these little beauties . . . 

. . . on clearance . . . 

Now, they weren't the look I was going for, but I figured, since I thought they were adorable and looked like me, they would be perfect for helping me accomplish my task. And they absolutely are. I only needed one little notebook. Problem was, they were sold in packs of three, respectively. Big problem, I know. . . . I didn't need two extra notebooks. But they were all so stinkin' wonderful. Why would I get two packs of notebooks when I really only needed one tiny one? Why was I even thinking about getting more than one darling little pack of notebooks? um. because they were irresistibly adorable. and because I liked both (all) colors and designs. And somehow I decided I needed them. So I got them. All. Granted, they were on mucho clearance, so Obviously it was no big deal :D 

Lucky for me, I was in luck again. You see, they not only had the most adorable little notebooks on sale . . . they had the cutest cards too! ah! I. was. going. to. Die. And the best part? They were on clearance too. Obviously, the smart thing for me to do was to snatch them all up before anyone else could come and steal away the cuteness I was about to enjoy. So I did. Well, the best ones at least. 

I got the two beauties on the bottom (the pretty leaves, stripes, flowers, and the little birdie - which I adore).

I didn't even feel remotely bad about getting these cards because, as it just so happened, I had just used up my very last card and had no more wonderful stationary to write notes on any more. Now, I'm just trying to ration out the cuteness of the cards, I can't use them all up right a way . . . I've got to make every one count. 

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kelseylynae said...

Oh my gosh…I think we are the same person :) I am the same way!!

For my birthday I got 4 cute pads of paper and some cards and pens [pens are another "thing" of mine], because people know about this obsession.

Love it. LOVE it.