Tuesday, April 12, 2011

summer project

Growing up I remember Mumsy having a stash of tablecloths for different occasions. I loved setting the table so I could pick a tablecloth for the table. She had oodles and boodles of pretty ones: blue, orange, red, green, flowers, stripes, checked, birthday, and Christmas to name a few of the many different ones she had (has) for me to choose from. We were always changing the tablecloth. It was great and something I loved doing. I feel like Mumsy's like of having a variety of tablecloths has been passed onto me. See, I like place mats. I love them.

When the hubs and I registered for wedding stuff I registered for place mats. If only I had realized at the time just how much I love them. Now that we have been married for a little bit we have one more set of place mats. They are very practical and nice red ones. They work for Christmas, and Valentine's Day. They are really, just very pretty. It's true. Anyhow, the other day I was at the store admiring some place mats. They were pretty with the perfect colors and flowers. I had to have them. So of course, I didn't buy them. But seeing the place mats has gotten me thinking about how simple and wonderful they are. Which is a reason I love them. 

It is interesting to compare my upbringing with tablecloths/table linens to the hubs'. My family was always switching it up. Something new and fun and different. Something to fit the mood or occasion. I loved it as a child which is another reason I think I have a desire to have a wide selection in my kitchen of place mats to choose from. Hubs on the other hand grew up with the same place mats all year round. Okay, I'm sure it wasn't the same ones for 23 years, but you know, they stayed the same throughout the months. Completely opposite of me. I think this is why Hubs thinks having two sets of place mats is more than enough for us. I beg to differ.

Which is why I have decided I am going to make some. I mean, how difficult can it be to sew a simple rectangle? I have a feeling if I'm able to sew a dress I will be able to dominate the place mat department. I sound like I'm doubting my sewing abilities. I'm not. I'm just getting excited about using my beloved sewing machine again. It's been far too long. The trouble is I just want to go get the fabric and start sewing right now. But I can't. I have to wait till all of this other "important" stuff is out of the way. But I am so very excited to have a project in store for this summer (three weeks away! ah! crazy!). Believe me when I say, you will be seeing mounds of fabric and place mats in the near future. I'm so excited! This gives me motivation to get workin on my homework. yikes!    

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