Thursday, April 14, 2011

it went a little like this...

Last week I talked about how much homework I had to do and how I was going to try setting a timer to get it done. I also mentioned that I got nothing done but that was okay because there is always another day to do what you didn't get done that day. I am pleased to announce and share with you that my timer Friday was uber successful. If you are having troubles staying on track or needing a little motivational helper, I highly suggest using a timer. Really. Truly. You should try it some time :D And I may have mentioned that I would be kicking myself in a week for not being more dedicated by working on it full speed over Spring Break. Well, here I am, a week after Spring Break is over working like a chicken with no head to get everything done. At least I know myself well : ) I must admit although I hate that I have so much to do, I feel incredibly productive with my past few days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Today I've been on a roll. You should see all of the assignments I have submitted, worked on, and snazzed up over the past four days (counting today : ) You would be impressed. So true. It's like I was saying, the more I have to do and the busier my schedule is, the more I get done. But when I have all day long to get everything done, nothing gets done. Well, at least not the important stuff. Like school. The fun stuff like cooking, baking, cleaning, and playing with the puppy get done. Just not the stuff that is going to allow me to graduate in 3 1/2 weeks! ah! That and the fact that the hubs has been livin' it up at Disney World with C~ without me.

Well, Disney World was just a perk. He had to go to a leadership conference that the boss of his boss of his boss wanted him to go to. Wow. I know. Hott stuff. It just so happened that this conference happened to be in a place I very much enjoy visiting and the week right after my Spring Break. Nice timing, huh? Ya. That's what I said. So all week the hubs and our good friend, C~, have been texting me pictures of Disney: the Castle, the fireworks show, posing with Mickey (Mickey! I don't even have my picture with Mickey!!). What sweethearts. Though, the whole time hubs kept telling me he really didn't care about it all and wished I could be there with him. And since I know he was being genuine, I appreciated the picture texts they sent my way. Anyhow... that was a little bunny trail for you. But I suppose I can do that, since this is after all, my little blog : ) kehehe.

But . . . speaking of graduation, I have gotten some incredibly lovely, sweet, and thoughtful cards and gifts in the mail. I was sooo surprised and knocked off my socks. Sweet Friends. Sweet Family. Thank you oodles and boodles. 

On another note it is almost Easter. I Love Easter. For many many reasons. 

1. Because Jesus is Alive! and that means I can be too : ) 
2. It's in the Spring Time! And I Love Spring. 
3. Because it brings back years of sweet memories of past Easters. 
4. Peeps. Need I say more?

Because of the last reason I decided I would share this little picture I stumbled across while taking a little break from my daily responsibilities. It just makes me happy. It's awesome and it makes me want to buy a bunch of Peeps so I can create my own little world with them. Why and how did I never think of this before?!  

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