Tuesday, May 3, 2011

All Done

I am proud to announce that today I completed my very last day of school. I am finished with student teaching, both the student/class part of it and the teacher part of it. I have had the best semester ever. My teacher was Amazing! I love her and have learned loads from spending my days in her room. She is gracious and wonderful, all of her students respect her and enjoy being in her class. They say it every day in 8th grade language.

It was bittersweet to leave my students. I know I will see them again though so it's not the end of the world. I get to sub a few times and I'm going to their graduation at the end of the month so I will see their loverly little faces and hear their cries of joy for language arts yet again.

My teacher and students made me a big fat card. I. love. it.  

But since I forgot my camera on the one day I really intended to remember it, I just took a little picture of my sweet card once I got home. . . . and the pup just happened to walk in right in time to get his picture taken with me and my beautifully fat card : ) . . . what a curious cutie . . . 

It is hard to believe today was my last day student teaching. It is crazy to think that after today I won't have any homework I have to spend my evenings or weekends working on. Now my job is to apply for and find a school that wants me to be a teacher. My principal told me this morning that if someone hired him, I will be sure to find a job. I thought it was very sweet and encouraging of him. I just hope and pray I am able to find one for this next school year.  

I don't know if I can say it enough, I have been blessed to have the wonderful students and teacher I spent my weeks with this semester. I don't know what I'm going to do now that I don't have to wake up in the morning and make my way to their classroom every day. 

In addition to this wonderful card I also got a few letters from individual students. They went a little like this, except of course the one the was confiscated for inappropriateness. oh, 8th graders. (note: names have been changed, but spelling, punctuation, and symbols are all the same : ) 

My favorite teacher (:
Your the best teacher ever. It Sucks that today is your last day :'( Yes I did get a little teary eyed a minute ago. Well I hope to see you around (: 
Your the best,

ps: Your also the nicest teacher as well (: I'm surprised you stayed in this class for as long as you did . . . I'm glad you did though (:  

[yes, this girl cried when she found out it was my last day. she about had me in tears. so sweet!]


We Love You.
Your the best. 
You are a brave and amazing teacher. And if your wondering Why i say brave well you figured that out by being are [our] teach[er] im going to miss you so much you were the best we will all miss you very much.

ps. i hope i see you in my class room again. <3

by: your favorite Betty 


im going to miss you being in our class everyday, even though you're a bully and pushed Mrs. Jones down and spilled her coffee, NOT NICE. Hahaha. Well, im your favorite student and you love me more than anyone: including Mrs. Jones! [= 
A.K.A - Your favorite student. <3

[Note: I did not push Mrs. Jones down or spill her coffee. Funny story, kind of. but not really, I was walking in the hall next to Mrs. Jones last Friday. We noticed a grape on the floor in the hallway. Mrs. Jones said, "Hey, there's a grape. I should pick that up." But she didn't pick the grape up and neither did I. We kept walking on our merry way. Not ten seconds later out of the corner of my eye I saw Mrs. Jones fall to the ground, coffee spilling and papers flying across the floor. Mrs. Jones had landed hard on one knee and had the other leg out like she was doing the splits. We were baffled at first and then we saw the culprit. A grape. Yes, another grape was laying on the floor. And she slipped on it. And just like in the cartoons when someone slips on a banana peel and falls, Mrs. Jones slipped on a grape and fell. Sue was in the hall as this happened and even though she knows I did not push Mrs. Jones, she insists on calling me a bully. Anyway. that's that.]


heyyyyyy, (:
im gonna miss you so darn much! omg, i dont want you to leave! it wont be the same; cuz i wont be able to ask you for the Answer - or use your glitter pens. (: When you sub for Mrs. Jones, im gonna be sooooooooo happy! im already excited!* this is sloppy but, oh well. haha. your so pretty, now when you leave guys are gonna be sad cuz they constantly talk about how hot you are, no joke, its annoying. hahaha. But, i'll miss you so much <3 i love you! [8
<3 your favorite student veronica


I feel so loved! My kids are all such sweetie pies. I love them all to death! I love these notes and the sweet messages they wrote to me on my card. I will cherish them forever. 

. . . and, apparently I have a lot of favorites. I never knew it until today though : ) I'm glad my students all clarified that they were my favorite : ) 

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