Friday, April 22, 2011

the end is near

The end of my semester is coming to a speedy close. This coming week will be my last full week of school. Crazy. I only have seven  more days and then I am done. Forever. Praise the Lord!

As the end is near there are a few things I have yet to do. First, I have to teach my last solo week next week. I have planned and planned and chatted with my teacher about this and feel as though I am ready. I feel a lot more prepared and ten thousand times less anxious about it than the first week. Okay. I can't say I'm more prepared than that first week. Equally prepared. But less nervous? Yes. I am excited to be done with my career as a student and move on to my career as a teacher.

The kids found out today that next week is my last full week. They complained and asked why. It was sweet of them. I don't care if they really meant it or not, I'm pretending like they will all miss me like crazy. I like to pretend. A few of them have been asking me if I'm going to the Bell. It's a field trip/boat ride/nice end of year thing for the 8th graders. When I tell them I'm not sure and probably not, they get sad and try to convince me I should go. Who knows. We'll see. Maybe I will. Or not. I'm sure if I go I'll tell you : )

These little guys (okay. not little. that's a lie. pretty much all of my students are as big if not bigger than me), big guys, have found a special little place in my heart and I will be sad to say good bye on the Tuesday after this coming one. They make me laugh, roll my eyes, grumble, and worry more than I thought they could. They are sweethearts and I will miss seeing them every day. I'm trying to think up a little treat/gift to give them when I leave. Something they would like and would use. I'm practical, I can't help it. Pencils aren't lame, right? I mean, I wouldn't think so. Plus, pencils are something these guys use and loose every single day. A day has not gone by without at least a dozen students asking for a pencil. good. gravy. So, pencils, pens, erasers? I'm thinking something of the sort. If you are an 8th grader, would you think that was a lame gift? just wondering.

Also. Right along with that. I have had the Best Supervising Teacher in the world. I have been blessed to know her and learn from her. She is a wonderful teacher and mentor. I think I would have died without her. Really. I do. Or at least bawled my eyes out and passed out once a week. But thankfully she was wonderful and none of those terrible things happened to me. Now the question is: what gift would be fitting to get for her? Something nice. What suggestions do you have o wise teachers?

And the sky is black. And it's only 5:13. And it's not winter. It is incredibly unnerving and eerie. On the weather picture thingy it shows a picture of a tornado if there's supposed to be a tornado, right? Good. Just checkin. But that's nothing to do with anything. Just a little random note to leave you with : )

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Amanda said...

Good luck with your last week! I know your kids will miss you :)