Friday, April 8, 2011

Timer Friday

Yesterday I got to chat with one of my sisters. As sisters sometimes do we were complaining and gripping to each other. She had had a bad day, I had had an unproductive day. Pretty much the same kind of thing. Anyway. We were chatting away about how we need to be more disciplined. This is what I mean: The busier we are, the more we get done. The more time we have the less we get done. Sis said that her uncle put it this way: Time is like a sponge, it absorbs however much you have. So True! We agreed that we needed discipline to make ourselves get stuff done. For her it might be laundry, dishes, that kind of thing. For me it would be homework. If you couldn't already tell, I will do Anything and Everything before I touch my homework. Especially now it is incredibly unappealing to me for some reason. Who knows why.

It was at this point in the conversation we started talking about books we were reading, I mentioned I was reading A Woman's High Calling by Elizabeth George. Sis said she had read a book by her before, A Woman After God's Own Heart and that it sounded somewhat similar to the one I am currently reading. I've read it before too and it is a little bit the same, but there are differences in there too. Anyhow, Elizabeth George talks about timers. You know, the little kitchen timer that sits on your kitchen counter. She suggests using this timer for your day, to help you get your things done. When I read that before I thought, yea, maybe that could work. But I don't need a timer.

Well, guys (gals), I am going to do a timer experiment today. That's right. I've been so frustrated with myself about getting everything but something done (I think you know what I mean) and I just wish day after day that I would have enough self-discipline to stay on task and "git 'er done". Today is that day. I will be setting my timer for different amounts of time. When it dings I will have finished the first task. I'll set it again, and when it dings the second task will have to be done. And so on and so forth. The good thing about this timer of mine is that it only goes for an hour. So for every task I want to get done today I only have an hour to do it in. Nice. I will keep a close track and let you know how my timer day turns out. I am really hoping that this is a fruitful endeavor. And like right now, my timer just dinged so I must be off of here and on with the other stuff that awaits me.


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Amanda said...

I can't wait to hear how it turned out! I could probably benefit from this as well.

Aimee said...

Hi Hannah! Thanks for the follow! Your blog is so cute. I love the lil birdies! Anyway, I think time is something we all struggle with so I look forward to hearing how the experiment went!!!