Wednesday, April 20, 2011

missed it

Last night there was a tornado.

I didn't know it until the morning though.

yep. That's right. I slept right through a tornado.

ok. well, not exactly a tornado . . . but a tornado warning.

Which is pretty much the same thing.

And there I was. Sleeping. In my bed.


And I didn't hear the tornado siren scream in the dead of the night.

No. I heard nothing.

I have a feeling that's a bad thing.

At school this morning everyone was complaining about how tired they were.

My question to them was: Why the heck are all of you soooo sleepy? Whadaya All do last night to make you that makes you gripe about lack of sleep.

Oh. There was a tornado warning.


And I was supposed to be in my nonexistent basement.


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