Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I am proud to say that yesterday I got absolutely nothing accomplished. Okay, maybe not proud, but it happened and I'm just trying to make the best of it. And when I say nothing I really mean no school work. At about two in the afternoon I realized I had been staring at the computer screen for a few hours trying to get myself in the homework mode and it wasn't happening. Apparently my brain was not going to cooperate with me. So I got up and went about and did some other, more important (or amusing) things. Like read and wash the dishes. That means today I need to knock out a bunch of homeworks. But, that won't happen since the hubs has taken the day to be home and chill with me. I know it won't happen, I won't pretend like it won't. And that is why there is tomorrow :D

As I have been home the past few days I have had the chance to bond with my pup even more. The first day I was home I think I confused him a little when I came downstairs a few hours after the hubs left for work and let him out of his bed. I was a little worried he would be crazy and bonkers all day long since he didn't have to be cooped up all day long. No. He was chill. Mostly he laid on the couch looking out the window, napping on and off. I was folding laundry up stairs and he came up there to find me. After he was satisfied he plopped down right next to me and slept. He did the same thing when I moved to a different room. What a little sweetie.

Look at his cute little buns and legs : ) 

Living in the Bluegrass State I pride myself in the fact that I haven't picked up on the accent and twang that surrounds me daily. However I sometimes have the secret desire to say "y'all" and wish that I could say it without feeling funny, goofy, or unnatural. Cause really, it is a sweet little word. I say that because I have the urge to say, "y'all" right now. But I feel like I have to justify myself. So I did. And I will... I hope y'all have a wonderful Wednesday.  

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