Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fragrance Personality Quiz

Because I have been so incredibly dedicated in getting my homework done today (or because I haven't done a lick of it), I decided I would take a little break and post a fun little quiz for y'all (ha. I did it again. and I'm not justifying it, or am I?).

I was over at Bath & Body Works the other day and while I was there one of the sweet sales ladies shoved this little quiz in my hands. I took it and found it was a fun little activity. So, I hope you enjoy finding your Fragrance Personality, courtesy of Bath & Body Works.

1. Do you have a current favorite Bath & Body Works Fragrance? ______________

2. What ingredients do you love?
A. Amber & Woods
B. Florals
C. Citrus & Fruits
D. Vanilla & Musk

3. You want your fragrance to make you feel:
A. Daring & Sensual
B. Feminine & Flirty
C. Refreshed, Sporty & Clean
D. Warm & Cozy

4. You like to wear fragrance to:
A. Be noticed & express myself
B. Complete my look
C. Feel fresh & invigorated
D. Be at peace

5. What does "me-time" mean to you?
A. Hunting for a hot pair of stilettos
B. Treating myself to a bouquet of flowers
D. A brisk jog in the park
D. My tub overflowing with bubbles

6. How long do you like your fragrance to last?
A. Long-lasting all day
B. Lingers on my clothes in a subtle way
C. When I first put it on then it disappears
D. A few hours

7. What best describes your signature style?
A. Minis, skinny jeans, heels
B. Ruffles, bows, florals
C. Jeans & tees
D. Casual, cozy, cashmere

Wanna find out what your your Fragrance Personality is according to Bath & Body Works? I hope so!

. . . If you answered

Mostly As - You heart sexy fragrances: You are sexy, seductive and alluring. [uu la la!!]

Mostly Bs - You heart romantic fragrances: You are a hopeless romantic who loves the dreaminess of love's sweet spell. [I'm dreaming of my true love's kiss . . . ]

Mostly Cs - You heart fresh fragrances: You have a fresh and playful personality... always young at heart. [aahh]

Mostly Ds - You heart cuddly fragrances: You are a cuddler who's welcoming and warm. [There's no place like home, there's no place like home . . .]

[Note: I never in my life thought I would ever use the words: sexy, alluring, or seductive on this blog. Thanks, Bath & Body Works, thanks.]

So, what is your Fragrance Personality? Do share! To start things off I'll tell you mine. Since I answered mostly Cs, I heart fresh fragrances. I'm sure you can attest that I am very playful and fresh. Well, maybe you can't. I'm not exactly sure how to portray those adjectives. Playful? Fresh? How is someone fresh? I like to feel fresh. I like to smell fresh (both myself, my house, and just in general: I like to smell fresh things). Anyhoo.

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