Tuesday, April 19, 2011

short and little

This weekend was busy, busy, busy. More specifically, Saturday was busy. I woke up, and started workin right away. I didn't stop until 12:30. And no, I did not wake up at noon. So it really was a pretty full day. Full of work. But man, oh, man. Did I feel productive. I kind of had to be. And I was. Stuff got done. Now, pretty much all I have left of school is one more solo week of teaching and one more observation.

Sunday I chilled. So much so, that I didn't even put one little load of laundry in to be washed. opps. eh. Oh well. It was nice and the feeling of relief over me is so wonderfully peaceful. I only have one and a half more weeks of student teaching left. Crazy. Then I'll be a real teacher. Well, if someone hires me that is. That and if I pass. I'm hoping and praying for the good outcome of both : ) 

Also, I haven't done anything terrible exciting lately. It's sad really. But I plan on some excitement soon. Don't worry. I know there will be upcoming excitement because school is almost done which means I will soon have oodles and boodles of time to bake and cook and sew and be crafty. It's gonna be awesome. You aren't gonna know what to do with yourself when you see all the crazy awesome things I'll me doing. 

Anywhoo. I just wanted to say hey. And to get my creative writing juices flowing again. My brain is in a swampy mood at the moment and I'm trying to get it out of there.

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