Thursday, April 21, 2011

a little story

In an attempt to liven up next weeks lessons a little bit I decided to start at the beginning. With the flashbacks (the review that happens at the beginning of class). So I wrote a little story. If nothing else it was amusing to me and made planning this bit of the lesson more enjoyable. The kids will probably be like, "Oh, this is so laaaaame." eh. who cares about the kids? ; )

Lovely Princess Pea was rudely kidnapped by the nefarious snail one pleasantly perfect afternoon and was locked away in the tower beyond the orchard and past the moat.

Chipper Chaucer went around the orchard so he could jump over the moat to scale the tall tower to save Princess Pea from the nefarious snail.

Princess Pea had been incessantly crying for five whole hours when Chipper Chaucer bounded through the secret passage way to save her. Princess Pea felt as though she could have jumped joyfully for days.

Upon escaping from the castle tower Chipper Chaucer professed his undying love for split pea soup. Princess Pea eagerly accompanied him to Soup Land for a scrumptious bowl of steamy soup.

After a fairly satisfying bowl of split pea soup Chipper Chaucer sadly stated it was to be his last. Princess Pea morbidly mourned the sorrowful news and tearfully collapsed into a heap on the soft green grass.

The End.



Can you find the complete noun in the first bit?

Or the impostors in the second bit?

What about the complete verb in the third one?

Or the adjectives in the fourth?

Do you see any adverbs in the last one?

I'm sure you do, cause you are geniuses.

Happy Grammaring : )

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kelseylynae said...

i win! i win! I found them all :)