Tuesday, June 14, 2011

sniffles and snot

Last week I was a little stuffed up. I mean, I'm normally a little stuffy, or sniffly, but this was a lot more than the normal. I couldn't sleep at night. At all. I was close my eyes to doze off into la-la land. But to no avail. My nose just wouldn't clear up and decided to cause me great troubles. joy.

While being snuffed up I can never tell if it is allergies or a cold. I have been told and have even read that The Hubs and I live in one of the worst cities when it comes to allergies. Great pick, huh? So, I'm sure it was allergies.

It's not uncommon for me to be sick a little bit, or stuffy. Actually being unstuffed is more uncommon for me. Especially when I worked with little kiddos. I love them . . . but man oh man. I never really realized just how allergic I am to childrens until I stopped working with little ones and began my semester of student teaching -8th grade. I wasn't sick once the entire semester. Oh, wait, yes I was, but that was on Spring Break. humm . . . strange.

Anyhow. Since I'm always snuffly or something of the sort, I always have about a dozen boxes of tissues around the house. As well as the entire contents of a drug store. Well, kind of. Not really. But almost. I also have lots of vitamins to take to make me better.

Well this time I was sick of it. So I went to the extreme. I got a nose sucker thingy:

terrifying, I know. 

I've known about these guys (and the more popular one at least among people I know . . . The Neti Pot. A little teapot you pour in your nose) for a little while now. But I've been a little terrified of them. I mean, I already can't breathe, at all, and then they expect me to shoot water up my nose. No thank you. I do not want to drown in a pool of my own snot. I'll pass. 

But I was desperate. I wanted to breathe. So I caved. And I even worked up enough courage to drown myself in my snot - three whole times. 

It works. It's crazy. It's disgusting. It's amazing. Holy moly. If only I had know my nose only wanted a little bath I would have tried this guy Forever ago. 

I will refrain and spare you the nasty snotty part of the story. but wow. crazy. 

If you find yourself unable to breathe, especially at night, try this little guy (who is ironically not so little). But hey, I slept the whole night through. Amazing. In my book. 


2 comment(s):

P! said...

AH! The Neti Pot! I was just thinking about those this morning when I woke up with horrific allergies myself. I admire your brave heart for attempting it, but for me, I am just too cowardly...and grossed out by it haha. Glad to hear it worked for you, though!!

Katrina said...

What an odd thing for us both to have discovered on the exact same day. I'm still a little stuffed, but significantly better. Happy rinsing. :0)