Tuesday, June 7, 2011

a book

I've been reading a lot lately. Probably a little too much. I only say that because I have neglected to do everything that I should and ought to be doing. It's a little problem I have. I'm working through it though. At the moment I'm not reading. My obsession with reading is probably why I haven't written anything for a few days. I'm too preoccupied with my book to even get online. oh my.

Anyhow. On Saturday I finished reading Sweetwater Run. I saw it at the library and liked the picture on the front. And since I try not to judge a book only by it cover . . .  I read the little summary on the back and thought I'd give it a read. It's about a girl (well, she's not a girl exactly, she in her 20s) and she lives in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky (or as The Hubs would call it, Paradise). Anyhow, it's set in the late 1800s and she is livin' with her hubby in their little cabin. But then her hubby is accused of stealing his own donkey. Crazy. I know. But that's the story. And so her hubby goes off to prison and it's the story of her struggling to make it on her own while he is away and finding her inner strength and faith. There are other characters in the book (obviously) but she's the main one. I quite liked the book. It is wholesome and has a good message. It's written by a Christian author and so throughout the book there is scripture and such. It's not too much, I think it's written just right. You should read it and let me know what you think.

Personally, I love reading books that are set back in the day and up in the mountains, I feel like if I weren't here now, I would have been there then, back in the 1800s. Living a simple little life. Growing things in my garden. Feeding my chickens. Chopping snakes heads off when they come inside my house. You know. Like that. Anyhow. That's probably another reason I enjoyed the book. You should give it a read : )


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