Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I heart baking

Baking = therapy : ) -which in my experience is waaaay cheaper than actually going to the doctor.

No matter what I've got going on in my little life baking is my therapy. It's true. If I'm stressed or worried about something, I bake. It's amazing how wonderfully relaxing it is to me. I love it. Today I had a bunch of stuff going on (well, kind of, I made myself have stuff to do) but then after the dishes were put away and everything else was in it's home, I pulled out my brown bananas and mushed em up, added some flour and sugar . . . and a few other things, and popped two little loaves into the oven. Then for an hour I had the sheer pleasure and delight of inhaling the sweet and comforting aroma of baking banana bread. There is nothing better. It smells like home when something is baking. Maybe that's why I bake so much, cause I love my house to smell like a home.

Some people like running, or exercising, or talking, or eating, or cleaning when they are worried or stressed. I bake. Not that I was really stressed today, but my heart rate was up and I was running around the house like a chicken with it's head cut off. Actually, that's not true, I've seen a chicken get it's little head chopped off and the running around that it does while headless. It is a frightening sight. And there is also quite a lot of blood and feathers involved. Thankfully there was none of that going on here today :)

I just wanted to share my love today. I like the tried and true too. You know, the simple stuff. The good hearty homey stuff. Nothing too fancy smancy.

Too bad you aren't here to enjoy the yummy smell of my bread . . . and maybe even eat a little piece of it. If you want some you should come over. I will share with you : )


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P! said...

I do not bake or cook at all. Wish I could, but sadly I'm terrible. However, I LOVE the smell of baked goods, so I settle for using candles and air fresheners that smell like bakery items instead. Definitely agree that it just seems so home-y. Hope you have a great weekend!! :)