Monday, June 20, 2011

better than Christmas.

Do you know what's better than Christmas?! Finding a treasure. 

It is true. 

Like this . . . 

I was going through a little (or medium size) bin I have in our hall closet. This bin holds the extras. You know: shampoo, soap, hair products, deodorant and such. The stuff that I sometimes find on mucho sale or I had a coupon for. Just a few odds and ends. Things that we use every day and some of which would be a terrible thing to run out of suddenly (for example: deodorant). Although, it wouldn't be that terrible, just a little inconvenient maybe. You would have to go to the store a hot smelly mess to get something to remedy that. So, ever since The Hubs and I have been married I have tried to have a few extras. Or at least one in the bin for when the other runs out. A very bad thing to suddenly run out of is contact solution. Although there are many others : ) 

But . . . I digress. Like I was saying, I was going through the bin. Looking to see what we had and kind of organizing it too. I tend to do that about once a month. But. Yes. I was looking through the bin and found two little treasures. 


my little life eye savers : ) 

Fine. Don't think it's a treasure. But whatever, I know the truth. It is. A big one too. It's a treasure because I had just called the day before to make an eye appointment because my prescription had expired. You see, I had ordered some contacts. But then they told me my prescription was expired so I couldn't. Which meant I was going to have to pay for the eye appointment and then the contacts too. joy. Not that I couldn't use a little eye check up. Sadly enough I think my eyes have gotten worse in the past year and a half (thanks, Mom - I get my blindness from her. real sweet of her huh? : ) 

That is why finding boxes (of the current prescription) of contacts in your closet is better than Christmas. 

Almost. I really love Christmas. But is pretty dang exciting. I know, you all wish you had my life cause it is stock full of exciting times, huh? ; )



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Amanda said...

I definitely think that's exciting! I hate running out of contacts before you can order more