Monday, June 27, 2011

little pocket

Why is it that the thing you are looking for is always in the very last place you look for it?! I mean, seriously?

I don't just mean it like, since you found it obviously you would stop looking for it after that. Which would naturally make the last place you looked for it.

But. I was looking for something today. And I look Everywhere. Everywhere. In every single closet. In every single bag [well, except for one]. And in every single room. I looked a lot. And then, at the end of my rope I decided I would look one last place and if it wasn't there then I would stop looking and consider the said item gone forever. I looked in the big part of the suitcase that was far above my reach. Not there. I looked in the biggest pocket on the outside. Not there. Then. Then . . . I looked in the smaller pocket. And what do you know? Right there in front of my face. Or more like hand. I fished it out and then saw it was exactly what I was looking for.

I love finding things. But sometimes I don't like the looking so much. eh. what can ya do, I suppose the go hand in hand with each other.


2 comment(s):

Aimee said...

i totally know what you mean!!!

P! said...

What do I love about this blog? Partially, the way you write. Always makes me smile. But the other thing: you talk about things that we all do or say or think about, but nobody mentions. You hit the nail on the head every time. We've all been there- you're talking about it. Simply sublime. Glad you found what you were looking for! :)