Friday, June 3, 2011


The Hubs is gone. What oh, what am I going to do with myself while he is away?

I'll play with the puppy. A lot. Probably.



Sing. What? No. I don't sing.

Wander the isles of Target multiple times I'm sure. Since that is what I do when I am sad and lonely. Which I am and will continue to be for forever the next five months while The Hubs is away.


And I probably won't eat a real meal until he comes home.

It's funny. Any time The Hubs is gone I never really eat a whole meal. It's more like rice, eggs, poptarts, and English Muffins. Oh, and cheese. That's what I eat when I don't have to cook. Shame really, since cooking is a fun time. But for some reason, if The Hubs is away, so is my desire to fix a meal made of real food.

Anyhow. Time for dinner. What shall it be? ... poptarts?

oh, my. the choices. the decisions.

Also, I wish he didn't have to be gone for so long.

That's about all I've got, you know, The Hubs being gone and all I'm not really in a writing spirit at the moment . . . I'll have to chase it and get it back. soon.

Happy Weekend to you. Do somethin' fun : )


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Amanda said...

keep your head up! I'll be praying the time flies by!