Friday, June 10, 2011


Once upon a time, when I was a little girl, I Loved pigs. Loved. Them. It all started one winter when I was walking around in the mall with my older sister. We walked past a store and I spotted it. her. It was true friendship. I pressed my little nose and hands against the outside window of the store and admired the pretty pink pig stuffed full of stuffing. Little hooves. Little nose that would be perfect for stuffing ones finger in. Little black eyes. She was perfect. In every way. I needed her. 

Well, not really. No one ever needs a stuffed pretty pink pig. But, oh, I wanted her so badly. Thankfully Christmas was right around the corner. I knew I was bound to get my pretty precious friend. I knew it. Well, not really. But I hoped. A lot. 

And I did. Christmas morning greeted my family with stockings, the story of Jesus' birth, presents, and a big breakfast - with a place set out for Jesus. Amid the excitement that is ever present on Christmas morning, especially in a household full of five children between the ages of 5 and 17 (or something like that, I'm really bad at remembering how old all of my siblings are, sorry guys : ), I met my new best friend. The pretty pink pig. Pricilla. She was perfect and lovely in every way possible. She had a ribbon tied around her neck (although I'm sure that didn't stay on for very long . . . obviously I had to practice my bow tying skills). I loved her then. And I love her now. She is actually snoozing on the bed in our workroom this very moment. It's true. I still love my Pricilla. 

Over time my love of all things pigs has mostly faded. I only have a few remaining piggy things from my younger years. They are in a box (sad I know, but true) in one of our closets. But there are a few pigs out and about. yes. yes. Like Pricilla.

see? her nose is perfect for hiding little treasures like Polly Pockets in : ) 

And these new little guys. Flour, Sugar, and Brownie. I. love. them. The Hubs got them for me for Christmas. Every time I walk into the kitchen I am greeted by their warm and happy pink bellies and ears. 

Other than these two (or four) piggies, I'm pigged out. ha. ha. couldn't resist. But seriously. I haven't been all crazy about pigs for a while. 

. . . until I saw this little guy at the store. 

how stinkin' cute is he? 

Meet Piggy Pillow Pet. How could you not Love that?! I mean, I have seen the other Pillow Pets: bumble bees, unicorns, lady bugs, puppies, and bunnies. But I had never ever seen one of these little lovelies until just the other day. At which point I promptly dropped everything I was carrying and walked over to the little pillow pet piggy and admired him for quite some time. So soft. So perfect. I need him. 

For the reals though. The Hubs and I are going on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic and we are supposed to bring our own pillow. This guy is the perfect size, plus, he would be perfect to cuddle with on the flight over. 

And no, I am not 7 years old. 

And no, I am not trying to sell or promote this line of creatures in any way. I just couldn't help myself. They are so stinkin' adorable. 'Specially Little Piggy here. 

Anyhow. That's that story. 

The End. 

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P! said...

Love the disclaimer that you are not endorsing their product- cracked me up haha!! I have a teddy bear named (surprise!) Ted that I've had forever and could NEVER put in storage. Cute post and GREAT blog!! Thanks for stopping by mine. :) Can't wait to read more!!

Amanda said...

this reminded me of my friend who LOVES pigs. she is literally obsessed lol. the pillow is so cute though

Belly B said...

Hahahha I totally have a thing for pigs too. I collect a bunch of pigs and piglet related toys lol!

<3 Belly B