Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"Choosing to See"

I finished reading Choosing to See the other day. What a story. In the pages of this book Mary Beth Chapman (the wife of Christian musician Steven Curtis Chapman) opens up her heart and shares her life story. Parts of it made me chuckle at some unfortunate and embarrassing moments but for the most part I was pretty much blubbering, sobbing, and crying the whole time. This woman and her family have been through a tragedy I can't even fathom going through, and through it all they keep their hope and faith in Christ. It is incredible. You will be blessed when you read this book.

Mary Beth Chapman shares her journey from the time she was a little girl, to when she met Steven Curtis Chapman, the beginning of their marriage, children, adoption, and tragedy. She shares her life and through it God is glorified. 

Read it. You will see the power and grace of God and how He is the Creator and Father of us all. You will also cry, a lot. Guaranteed. I was just telling The Hubs about different parts in the book and he started tearing up. The Hubs does not cry. I told him to read it, but he said he didn't want to cry and after seeing me in uncontrollable tears while I was reading it he didn't feel so adventurous. But that should not stop you.

The Chapmans adopt and she shares this journey, I am grateful she did. Reading this book only reaffirmed my desire to adopt our children. The whole time I was reading (and after) all I could think about was how I want too, need to adopt. Even before reading this book I felt the calling on my life to adopt our children, but this was a definite source of encouragement and reaffirmation of that call. And it makes me want to start now. But we can't . . . so we will wait for the Lord's perfect timing.

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kelseylynae said...

I didn't even know this book existed until about a month ago! And now I MUST read it. Thanks for the post.

How was Landon's trip?

P! said...

BEAUTIFUL! I will have to look into that. And may I just say that I absolutely LOVE that you want to adopt your children?! So many glorious gifts from God out there just waiting to be placed in a forever family. God bless you! Hope you're having a fabulous Wednesday. :)