Friday, June 24, 2011

return of the studd muffin

The Hubs came home. Finally. Boy is it nice to see him again. It was very quiet and lonesome while he was gone. I found myself frequenting Target more than I would like to admit. Just for something to do. Just for something to keep my mind busy - thinking about how cute this or that was and how I needed something or rother that I naturally never left the store with. But going gave me some interaction with people. In that I actually saw a real live person as opposed to seeing only pictures of people online or people in movies that I watched. Or only seeing and talking to Puppy.

Anyhow. When The Hubs came walking through the gate I was expecting [and prepared] to see my Hubs. You know, the hottie in jeans and a UK t-shirt or hoodie.

Instead, this guy walked out . . . 

 studd muffin, eh?

He told me he wore it special for me. oh, dear. He also told me that he got a lot of interesting, crazy, and weird looks while walking through the airport. Just cause he was wearing something a little untraditional to us Americans. eh, what can you do?

I didn't look at him all funny like. I just laughed at him. But he did too. So it was all good and fun. Cause it was like he told me later, he was just wearing it for fun. See? No hurt feelings.

ok. well. I just thought I'd let you all know he is back. And back to wearing his normal jeans and t-shirt clothes again. Not that you really care about that part.

Alrighty then. Happy Weekend to you all!

2 comment(s):

Amanda said...

so happy he made it home :)

P! said...

HAHAHA!! Glad he's back. That picture is hysterical.