Friday, June 17, 2011

lofty goals

Today I had two goals.

1. make a skirt.

2. do the laundry (including folding and putting it away).

Not too hard. Not that much to do. Shouldn't take forever. Not too lofty of goals. Right? Right.

Well, I forgot. I live with a puppy. Although, Puppy is almost not a puppy . . . but I still have another month or so.

Needless to say. The skirt did not get sewn (granted there are a few more hours to my day and it could happen, but I know that it won't so I won't even pretend like it will).

But thankfully by the time the clothes were fully dried Puppy was snoozing under the couch. Which allowed me plenty of time to fold and even put away the laundry. Obviously the more boring goal is the one Puppy allowed me to accomplish. Although, I suppose laundry is a little more important than sewing.

Maybe tomorrow Puppy will cooperate and I will be able to sew and snap a picture of my little creation. I sure hope so.

that's all I've got for today, y'all : )

1 comment(s):

P! said...

I love sewing- too bad you couldn't get that done. Though I suppose a skirt is just another article of clothing that you'd have to wash anyway! ;p