Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I try not to talk about my puppy too much. There are other things in my life that take up my time and energies. However, this has been bugging me for about five weeks now and I just have to get it out there. But that makes it sound like something is wrong or incredibly wonderful with / about my puppy. That is not the case. Puppy is dandy.

Let me start here, with some background: The Hubs and I thought a little while back that we might should take our puppy to get some schooling. Really, he is a pretty good puppy. All things considered. He potties outside. He eats his food. He plays. And he sleeps. A lot. He can even give you a high five. It's pretty darn cute if I'm allowed to say so. But I'm not going to gush about how wonderful my puppy is. No. The reason we thought we might take him to puppy classes is because he doesn't come every time we say "come" and that's not a good thing. Since, you know, he should and he needs too. There were some other reasons we decided it would be a good idea to take him too. But ya.

And just so you can see the puppy I am talking about . . .

what a goober.

So we have been taking Puppy to his little classes. And they are swell and all. He is coming better and better with every passing day. Wonderful. But here is my problem. There are other dogs at the class. Ok. That's not the problem. The problem is that one of the dogs at the class shares something of mine that I treasure dearly. My name. Yes. That's right. The dog's name is Hannah. Excuse me. That is my name. Not a dogs name. The real trouble with this pickle is the people with this pooch sit right across from me and Puppy most weeks (at times it's right beside us). It's just a little weird to look up and see their name tag "Danny" and then below "Hannah". And then to look down at my name tag and see "Hannah" and below that "Puppy." That's not right. Just a little uncomfortable. That's all. I mean, I'm sure Hannah doesn't care at all. But I do. I'm sure her people don't even notice or think it's strange that the person sitting right across from them shares their dogs name.

Oh, brother.

Now, my intention is not to offend some one, and I really truly hope you won't be (aren't). Offended that is. This has just been eating at me for quite some time now. Five whole weeks to be exact. If you have dogs or other pets with the name Hannah, that's fine. What ever floats your boat (obviously it floats Danny boat). It's a lovely name (I'm only slightly biased). But I just have a hard time seeing my name on Danny's name tag. Whatever happened to Fido or Daisy?


Thanks for listening while I rant. And really, I hope you are not offended, that was not my intent. But if you are maybe you might have a small inkling as to how I feel. incredibly offended. I am not a puppy.


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P! said...

Oh Mylanta!! I read this and could not stop laughing- I am officially blog hooked. Thanks for the laugh!! :D