Thursday, May 26, 2011

he's leaving me.

So remember a little while back when I showed you pictures of the cutest little notebooks ever?! Well, I do. I also remember telling you that you would have to wait to find out what my big plans for them (or some. or one) was.

I am pleased to let you know what those adorable little notebooks were for now.



I know. Original.

But seriously. The Hubs is leaving me.

For real.

I happen to love him so much I am sending him away with a notebook full of nice notes.

Ok. The Hubs isn't leaving me leaving me. Thank Goodness. No, The Hubs is going on a mission trip. To Ethiopia. He is going to be gone for a forever very long time. For real. So I am planning to use the little notebooks to write little notes to him in it. You know, that way while he is away he will have a little note to read each day he is over there. Just to refresh your memory, these are the adorable little
notebooks . . .

And now one of these little beauties if being filled with little notes for The Hubs. 

Also, I found some pretty amazing stickers. They are bunnies and chickies and duckies and flowers and bees and everything wonderful. And every page is going to have at least one little sticker on it. It's gonna be awesome. Actually, it is awesome. 

Also. I found this adorable little photo album. On clearance. Sad part about it is that it is glittery red. Not that I care. I don't. In fact, I happen to love it. But it's not for me. It's for The Hubs. And it's not terribly manly. But then again, neither is the notebook. Obviously I'm not so good with the manly man part of cute stuff. Probably because such a thing does not exist : ) or does it? 

Anyhow. That's that. My grand plan and idea. I have been secretly writing random notes in it for The Hubs to read. I think I even wrote a novel in one of them so he will have some reading material while he's away. 

In Ethiopia. 

I don't want him to go. 

3 comment(s):

Amanda said...

I know you'll miss your husband but the note idea is so cute and thoughtful! I'm sure he'll love it!

Megan said...

Awwww, that is so sweet what you are doing for him!! He will really enjoy that.

kelseylynae said...

Okay. We really are too much alike. Brent went on a mission trip…to Ethiopia. And I wrote him a note to open every single day for the 15 days that he was gone. :) I will pray for him…and you both.