Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Today something happy happened. Something happy usually happens every day. But today it seems a little happier. And I guess it didn't really "happen" but it kinda did. Because I made it happen.

Anyhow. Way back when The Hubs had a birthday, (remember?) one of his presents was a loverly Amazon gift card (thanks Mumsie and Vater : ) Gift cards are always nice cause you can go and get just what you want. Though non-gift card gifts are nice too because that shows the thought put into getting the gift and such and so on. But what can I say? I love gifts, so I really love everything! You should knot that from Mumsie and Vater gift cards are a special treat, cause they come from half way (or is it all the way) around the World. Yes. It is true. They come from across oceans and several continents. Which therefore, makes them even better.

As I was saying, The Hubs got an Amazon Gift card. Now, you probably know that Amazon has oodles and boodles of goodness and that you can shop around and find some treasures. Because there are so many treasures it is sometimes hard to pick what you want. At least it is for me. Thankfully not so for The Hubs. And since this was The Hubs' birthday and not mine I knew he was sure to get something good. As he always seems to. Without having issues of indecisiveness.

Well, The Hubs told me after several weeks of thinking about how to use his gift card that all he wanted was a new pair of headphones. No problem. I could order them for him.

"What else do you want, Hubs?" I asked him.

"Nothing. Just earphones. And then with what's left of the gift card I want you to pick something out for us."

Now, I know The Hubs knows how IMPOSSIBLE it is for me to decide on Anything. I can't. It's not in my bones. I look at everything and think it is lovely, and naturally I want to keep it forever. But when it comes to actually Buying said item, I can't do it. I just can't go through with it (I even have a hard time buying food. The Hubs doesn't . . .  which is probably a good thing or I would only be skin and bones. Or not, I really love food too much to not eat anything, my diet would just consist of rice and pop tarts. I have a very balanced diet when it comes to me cooking meals for only myself to consume).

But, like I was saying. The Hubs wanted little old me to decide what to get for us. Our home. Our usage. Our delight and enjoyment.

Good Grief.

And that brings us to today. You see, After 83 days of thinking about what to use the remaining money from his grift card for after getting him his head phones (which by the way . . .  he knows how cheap I am . . . and how cheap head phones will be when ordered online - so he knows that I will have to decided what to spend the bulk of his birthday goodies on. joy) I have decided what to get.

And I am excited. It's genius really. Why didn't I think of this before today? I am so excited I just want it to get here tomorrow!! bah!! :D And . . . the double exciting part is that this particular item was eligible for free shipping! Which pretty much makes it ten hundred times better :) yes. yes it does.

Aren't you just dying to find out what I got for The Hubs and me to enjoy together?! Good. Cause I'm gonna tell you . . .

Are you ready?

 ta da!!!

This little sucker! 

Isn't it Awesome?!

So Adorable! I just wanna squeeze the little thing! 


I am soooo excited about this! 

The Hubs is going to be knocked off his feet and call me a genius. Forever! 

I. love. it. 

bah! I can't wait for it to get here so I can make the World's most de-lish-ish-ness ice cream Ever! 

Plus, the green Totally matches my kitchen. Can it be any more perfect than that?! 

I think not. 

When I get this little cutie in the mail I will officially invite you to come over and enjoy a sweet little cup of the World's most de-lish-ish-ness ice cream ever! Keep yours eyes and ears open! :)

Also. Thanks Mumsie and Vater. This would not be possible without your sweet gift to The Hubs : )


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kelseylynae said...

My mother and father in law just got one of these and it is AWESOME! Seriously. Good choice.