Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sunshine in a bottle

I have found heaven and sunshine. In a bottle. It's true. It's pretty amazing stuff if you ask me. Wanna know what it is? Lucky for you I'm willing to let you in on my little secret.

This is delightful stuff. 

It smells like sunshine and the ocean all wrapped up in one.

Ok. Well, maybe not sunshine exactly (cause who really knows what sunshine actually smells like?). 

And it probably doesn't exactly smell like the ocean either. 

Although it could come in close, since a lot of the time there will be coconuts near the ocean and this does in fact smell like coconuts : ) 


Which really, when you think about it, when you mix sunshine and ocean together you will often times come up with the delightful fragrance of coconut. 

Which I happen to LOVE. 

But if you don't love sunshine or ocean you will probably not be able to fully appreciate this yummy smelling delight. 

Anyhow. That's my new excitement. I have some soap now. 


so yes. that's that. 

Happy Saturday to you :D

p.s. and no, I'm not trying to sell this to you. If I were I would be a little more forceful. But it is amazing. You should give it a sniff sometime. It's the prefect amount of coconut. Not too strong. Not too sweet. Just right. Now, they just better not discontinue making this product. They ALWAYS do. You know? When you find that One product that you LOVE and that is Perfect for you. When you pop round the store to get another one cause you finished the first one off, it's gone. Because they decided to stop making it. Well, I'll just tell you one little thing right now . . . if they stop making this delight I just might have to go on strike. And stop using soap. Again. 
Let's just hope that doesn't happen :D 

k. bye. 

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