Thursday, May 5, 2011

my secret stash

I have a little problem. Really I have lots of little problems. And for some reason I love to share what my little problems are. Don't you love it when I share the gushy details of my life? My problem is this. I like handbags. A lot. I have a variety to choose from depending on the season, my mood, or the occasion. Normally I stick to the trusty ones, a select few. But sometimes I need to mix things up a tad so I move into a new bag. I also move into new bags when I find that all I am pulling out of the bag I am currently using are old tissues, receipts, trash, or pretty much anything other than what I am looking for. Somehow that is what my purse has become over this past semester. Normally I'm pretty good about keeping it tidy. Well, not this time. No sir. Wanna see?

Good. Cause I'm gonna show you. Get excited.

The culprits: 

 The findings: 
As you can see there is a massive pile of trash, a equally massive stack of receipts and a lot of other good things. Including: a ziplock bag (from my trip to Disney World way back when - you know for the liquids and such you have when you are flying), a card, lotions, hand sanitizer, medicine, an empty drawstring bag, pens and pencils, peanuts and pretzels (I've been saving them from my trip to Disney World that I got on the airplane), mints, gum, a little flashlight/whistle thingy, two books, a watch, tissues, a check book, floss (yes, floss . . . thanks Mom : ) pennies and dimes, a bunch of hair clips (that I have been looking for for the past five months . . . this is where they've been hiding! ha), a boarding pass, tickets for Disney World Parks, safety pins (that I used to pin on my marathon bib), and my Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon Metal :D

And now the bags are both empty. And everything is put away or thrown away. Or something. But it's not a mess anymore.

See? I get so much accomplished when I stay at home :D

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Kent said...

job well done!