Tuesday, May 10, 2011

celebration central

This weekend we celebrated loads of things. Graduations, Mamas, and Proms.

Fun. Fun. Fun :]

First, my graduation. Yep. That's right. I graduated this weekend. Saturday to be exact. Friday night was the special Masters of Art in Teaching graduation and Saturday was the big whole school wide graduation.

. . . except I didn't actually go to my graduation. But if I had, that's when it would have been. And that's what I would have looked like (pretty much). These are just some pictures I took with a buddy when I was graduating from college. Another graduation I didn't actually attend. . . . humm . . . I'm noticing a pattern here. eh. I still did all the work. I still finished. And I still got my diploma. 

 . . . but instead of staying (or going) for the graduation ceremony, I opted out and chilled or chillaximumed (as Katie would say over at her guest posting on the wonderful Story of my Life) with friends and family (both times). Maybe I should have walked . . . but eh. Oh well. I didn't :D

Then there was prom. Not mine. haha. Although, that would be kind of funny. Or, just really weird. But no. It was my little sister-in-law's prom. She was a doll. So pretty! 

She's the cute one in the pretty dress. Little beauty! 

The Hubs and I stayed over for Mother's Day. Saturday night (whilst Prom was going on) my Mother-in-law asked me if I could draw. Now, I am no artist. I even told her so. I can draw butterflies, flowers, caterpillars, bees, and that's about it. But that's all she wanted. You see, she was teaching Sunday School in the morning and wanted the kids to have little cards to take home to their Mamas. This is where I come in with my mad artistic abilities. 

"bee" impressed. I know The Hubs was. 

then the kids colored them and gave them to their Mamas. 

Anyhoot. I went into this weekend a student and came out a graduate and an artist. Amazing what one weekend can do to change our lives forever. 


4 comment(s):

Aimee said...

Congrats on finishing. It sounds like you a full and fun weekend...even if you didn't walk (:

krissyranae said...

Congratulations on graduating! How exciting to be all done.

Amanda said...

congratulations :) so happy for you!

Jillian said...

Yeah Hannah! You are finished with school! So happy for you! Now the fun part begins!