Friday, May 6, 2011

judge a book

Reading is something that I have always loved to do. I can open up a book and forget about everything. I will stay up late at night just so I can turn the page to see what happens next, just to get one page closer to finishing the book. I love seeing my bookshelves full of books. I love going into bookstores and libraries and longingly looking through all of the books they have waiting to be opened, read, discovered, and taken home. There is something peaceful about sitting (or laying) down with a good book.

When I read books I like to be entertained. I don't want to have to get in the mood to read a book. If the book is some in depth study kind of high thinking book I don't really care to read it. I also usually judge a book by its cover. I know you really aren't supposed to do that. But I can't help it. If the cover looks cute or interesting to me, I'm more inclined to read it. Or if it's a cookbook. I'm addicted to cookbooks. I think I could never have enough. What I need to do is rip out all of the pages of the good recipes and bind them into one big fat cookbook with nothing but usable recipes : D

Anyhow, these are some of the good books I've found recently, or ones that look yummy to me. 

I really liked this book. I saw it on sale for $2 (two dollars! -as if that means something other than $2) and snatched it up. I was drawn in by the title and the cover (it looks cute : ) and the price. It's about a girl in high school who helps clean at her Mom's hair salon. She's a overweight and friendless. But she makes a friend and starts a new little life for herself with the help of her friend. Anyhow. It's really good. 

[The hubs always tells me that I'm in a strange stage of life. I like to color, crochet, bake, and read teen books. I can see how this is kind of true. I don't really fit into my designated age group category very well. I'm just gonna say, in regards to the books I like to read, I'm allowed. I'm just reading the things the kids now-a-days are into. And since I am an almost certified teacher (!) it's really just a good thing.]

Then there's this book. I Love it. I Want it. I Need it. I can't check it out from my library anymore (that's not true, I can, it's just not there at the moment. Shame really).

Get it. Now. You will thank me later : )

And then there's this one. It's on my reading wish list for this summer. I'm going to go snatch it up in the next day or so. 

I'm excited I actually have time to read it. 

. . . and that I don't have to read something like this: 

Happy Friday! 

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