Wednesday, May 25, 2011

penny picking cards

It's birthday season. Well, not really. But pretty much. Two of my sisters have birthdays within days of each other. This makes it easy to remember that I have to get them their goodies. Anyhow. Yesterday I went out and about to find the perfect card for each of them. Well. That was just a little bit tricky. I'm indecisive. But, you probably know that already if you know me or have been following along for any amount of time. I feel like it come up in nearly every post. And here it is again. I am indecisive. Very. Much. So.

And I was at the store. Trying Picking out birthday cards for my sisters. And then I realized that Vater's birthday is coming up. In July. Now, normally this means I wait until the day before his birthday and then get a card and mail it to him five weeks after his special day has past. But this year I'm going to be on top of things. It's true. I probably wouldn't normally do this (get Vater's birthday card so early on) but I am sending a package out and I'm to lazy to go to the post office and pay for postage to Thailand twice within two months. Mumys Birthday treats are already 11 weeks late in getting to her.

But, like I was saying. I was looking at cards. I picked up who knows how many cards. I just couldn't decide. It was ridiculous. After about seven hours of looking at the same cards I threw a bunch on the ground, closed my eyes, and dropped three pennies. I opened my eyes and picked up the cards the pennies fell on.


Why didn't I think of that in the first place? Before I wasted nine hours of my life trying to decide which card to get.    

eh. next time. and I know there will be a next time. with me it's inevitable.

true story.

the end.

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Amanda said...

I hate trying to find cards for any occasion! I can never make up my mind, might have to steal your penny trick :)