Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Happenin's

Today I was digging through my purse to find something, chap stick probably. Anyhow, I realized that The Hubs' phone was in my bag. I guess I was holding on to it for him for some reason or another and forgot to give it back to him. Good thing he didn't need it. I hope. But still. The Hubs' phone was in my bag.

Fast forward a few hours. I was driving home from school (because I subbed today. boy do I love subbing.) and turned the volume of my phone back up. Not three seconds after I put my phone back in my bag it started ringing. What impeccable timing I thought. I couldn't have planned that better myself. If I had waited even a minute longer I would have missed the call. And I don't get phone calls all too often. Eagerly  I reached for my phone and noticed that it was The Hubs calling. His picture popped up. I was so excited and a little surprised that it was him because in the back of my head I knew it wasn't possible that he could be calling me. But in my moment of excitement, I answered the phone.

"Hello!?" and he wasn't there.

Obviously. Because I had his phone. In my bag. That was sitting two inches next to me. Genius, Hannah, really bright of you.

The Hubs' phone somehow became unlocked and dialed my number. I'm just glad that it randomly chose to call me : )

And my heart was crushed a little bit.

But then I came home and I got to tell him the funny story and chat about what was going on and about how much I love subbing. And other stuff too. Like puppies and ponies and waterfalls.

And that is the highlight of my Friday.

That and the fact that it's Friday.

Woot woo : )

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